Tools for Internet Business Development

Audience Analysis templates

Why is audience analysis so important for social media and real time marketing? If you want to create persuasive, user-focused content, you need to gather as much information as possible about your target readers first. Otherwise, your content lacks direction.

Remember, your ‘audience’ consists of different people with different needs and expectations. To convert browsers into buyers, develop content that triggers responses in all the stages of the customer lifecycle—orientation stage, reading stage, and action stage.

Communication Plan

Why does your business need a communication plan? Before social media and real-time information arrived, it used to be possible for one person to control the information flow in and out of a company.

Today, you need to create a framework that lets you communicate with customers, clients and employees as effectively as possible. Where do you start? You can use this communication plan template to create a framework for increase, enhance and improve communications.

Market Research forms & checklists

How can you use market research to improve your Social Media efforts? Market research gives you “actionable insight”. It helps you understanding the competitive landscape when deciding to build a strategy for social media.

Using these market research templates, forms and checklists, you’ll a) know who your competitors really are, and b) monitor campaigns, pricing, promotions and events. Market research gives you a reference point around which you can build your Marketing Plan.

Marketing Plan forms & checklists

What’s the hardest part of writing a marketing plan? If you’re new to this area, it can be difficult to know which part to start first. Also, how to you manage so many activities at the same time?

One way to get this under control is to use templates with sample text to walk you through the process. These also help you save time and energy formatting templates and creating a professional suite of templates for your company.

Project Plan template

Every project needs a plan. Social Media is no different. To make it work you need to see it as a plan. Get a budget, find resources, track activities, and share status reports. That sounds obvious, right?

One way to speed up this process is to invest in a set of project management templates and use these to manage your internet marketing and Social Media projects. If you want to achieve real business goals using social media channels, see it as a large project and develop your roadmap accordingly.

Social Media Policy template

Do you really need a Social Media Policy? Five years ago you didn’t. Today, Social Media is part of how you do business. Your employees, customers and clients all use it. The benefit of having Social Media policies is that you can demonstrate that your company is committed to transparency and honesty in all its communications.

To make sure this happens, you can develop Social Media Policy documents that help employees understand their responsibilities, for instance, when using Facebook, Twitter, and on your corporate blog.