29 Ways to Increase Traffic to a Niche Blog

Making money from blogs in an inexact science. What works one blogs fails on another. I’ve launched over 200 websites since 1998 (mostly ecommerce) and about 30 blogs (mostly technical). If your blog has a technical slant, for example, it’s target audience is technical writers, analysts, architects, or others micro niche areas, then use some of these techniques to increase your traffic.

How to Develop a Social Media Marketing Campaign

When implementing any type of marketing campaign it is wise to first take a step back and decide how to develop your campaign. Many companies are have made the executive decision to go forward with social media—they just aren’t so sure what to do.

9 Ways To Increase Web Traffic

To quote Van Halen, ‘everybody wants some.’ And what you want is traffic. Why write a blog if no-one visits, right? I have 17 technical writers’ blogs in my Google Reader & RSS feeds. Most are fine but… if they used some of the following tactics, they’d get more traffic, comments, money and Nobel prizes. […]

Video: How to Create a Call to Action on Your Blog

What do you want people to do after they’ve watched your video? Most beginners forget to ‘close the sale’. Their efforts go into making the video, getting it up on YouTube, but forget its original purpose. It’s easy to do when you’re in a hurry or engrossed in the technology. But you want people to […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Making Your First YouTube Video

What’s the most common mistake people make when shooting their first video? Christopher Ming Ryan points out that most video-makers don’t get in close enough to the person talking. This lessens the impact of the message. Zoom in. Frame the face. Here’s some tips from Ivan. #1 Mistake When Making Your First YouTube Video I […]

Video Blogging: Mistakes to Avoid & Doing It Right

I’ve started to use video to sell (and upsell!) my digital downloads and information products. Like most beginners, I’m making mistakes at every step. But I’ve learnt a few tricks this week, mostly thanks for Christopher Ming Ryan. Here’s what I learnt.

What’s The Social Technographics Profile Of Your Customers?

Forrester’s Social Technographics classifies consumers into six overlapping levels of participation (see short presentation). Based on its survey data, they can see how participation varies among different groups of consumers, globally.

How to Improve your Style Guide

How to Improve your Style Guide. PerfectIt does not require any kind of configuration. Once you install it, you can use it straight away to find mistakes in any MS Word document. This article is for users who want to get even more out of PerfectIt by fine-tuning it to search for particular errors or to enforce a style guide.

Why is NoFollow so important to Search Engines?

I’ve been working on SEO (search engine optimization) code this weekend, mostly for my Word Tips site and also with a client. I do some freelance Wordpress work here in China where corporate blogging is now taking off. During lunch we got talking about different SEO tricks, amongst which was the ‘no-follow’ attribute. This was new to my colleagues, so I gathered some material from Wikipedia and sent it to them.