Is Social Media an Operating System For Humans?

How do you define social media? My definition? An Operating System for humans. The parallels between a computer operating system’s DNA and how Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms interlink is closer than you’d think. As in The Matrix, because you’re inside, it hard to see how it operates. Why Social Media is an Operating System For […]

Is Michael Dell’s Google Plus Idea an Admission of Failure?

Michael Dell, CEO of Dell, is thinking about using Google Plus to replace traditional customer support channels. Is this a wise decision? ‘I am thinking about hangouts for business. Would you like to be able to connect with your Dell service and sale teams via video directly from’ He suggested that Dell should consider […]

Using Klout To Position Yourself as an Authority Online

Klout is to Influence what Google is to search. You can use to determine how much influence you have online, how to change your level of influence, and identify other influencers to network with. Like Google, Klout uses a complex algorithm (factors, weights, and criteria) to calculate your Klout. Once you understand this, you can refine your online behavior to adjust your Klout and network with effectively online.

14 More Free eBooks on Social Media

Last week we share some free ebooks on Social Media. Here are some more I found. Most are PDFs and can be read offline.

25 Free eBooks about Social Media

If you’re looking for some primers on Social Media, in particular how to make money from Facebook and Twitter, then these 25 free ebooks including Brian Solis, Chris Brogan, Chris Penn, and John Jantsch will get you started.

How to Sign Out of Facebook Remotely and Other Hacks

Facebook’s new security features help control your privacy, especially if you log in on cybercafés, hotels or at airports. You can now force Facebook to logoff from a remote location and create one time passwords. These are easier to use than you’d think and, for me, give greater confidence when using Facebook on business trips. Here’s how it works.

How to Develop a Social Media Marketing Campaign

When implementing any type of marketing campaign it is wise to first take a step back and decide how to develop your campaign. Many companies are have made the executive decision to go forward with social media—they just aren’t so sure what to do.

9 Ways To Increase Web Traffic

To quote Van Halen, ‘everybody wants some.’ And what you want is traffic. Why write a blog if no-one visits, right? I have 17 technical writers’ blogs in my Google Reader & RSS feeds. Most are fine but… if they used some of the following tactics, they’d get more traffic, comments, money and Nobel prizes. […]

Facebook: The Simplest Way To Get More Fans

Facebook: The Simplest Way To Get More Fans. Ask. That’s it. If you want more Facebook fans, ask people to connect. But, here’s Catch 22. You have to ask in the right way. Asking strangers doesn’t work. Here’s how I do it.

Google News: How to Get Your Blog Indexed

Ever wondered how some blogs appear on Google News and others don’t? Ever wanted to get your site on Google News. Google has published guidelines explaining how the process works. Do it right and you might be indexed. If you’d like a site to be included in Google News, you can also send them the […]