E-junkie v Clickbank – Which is best for selling online goods?

Which is better for selling goods online?  Clickbank or eJunkie? You’ve probably heard of Clickbank, so why go with Ejunkie? There are three ways to make money online. Products. Services. Advertising. The real money is in selling products. You own the product, make 100% of the sale, and can setup affiliate programs if you want. […]

How PayPal Business Accounts Increase Sales & Reduce Costs

PayPal offers Personal and Business accounts. Both are free but one offers better rates, better tools and lower fees. Want to know more?

Paypal Survey Reveals Why Online Shoppers Abandon Purchases

A PayPal survey this week shows that 50% of online shoppers have abandoned their carts multiple times in the past three weeks due to high shipping costs, security concerns and lack of convenience. The average cost of abandoned goods in U.S. shopping carts is $109.