9 (Unusual) Ways to Make Money on Your Blog

Thanks for all the emails about the making money post last week. You asked for a few more examples. Well, here they are. 9 (More) Ways to Make Money on Your Blog Just one word of warning. Before you choose a product to sell online do as much research as possible. It’s very frustrating when […]

How To Price Your First ebook

Ever wondered what’s the right price for selling an ebook? This is one of the dilemmas when selling your first ebook or an information product. You want to price it so that tempts customers into hitting the Buy button. But if your price it too low, you reduce the profit margin, whereas if it’s too high customers may look elsewhere. The trick is to know what price your target customers are willing to pay and then develop eBooks that fill their immediate needs.

How to Sell Expensive eBooks

One of the perceptions about ebooks is that they’re just PDFs. They can’t compare with the real thing, such as printed books you can hold in your hand. For most customers, this means that ebooks SHOULD cost less than real books as there is no printing, bookstore, and real world interactions.

How to calculate the real value of your web business

Once you’ve figured out how to make money from your website, you can start looking at how to sell it. Maybe you want to start another business venture and use the profits to get things started. So, how do you sell a website? This week I’ll show you how to sell your web business, which in many ways, is no different than selling a ‘real’ business. The business processes are the same, especially from the legal side, though how you value the business and attract buyers is different. Here’s how to do it.

Productivity: How To Make Friday Your Busiest Day

Friday is my busiest day. Most folks power down and go into weekend mode. Not here! Ask yourself, ‘why do I go down a gear on Friday?’, ‘How does this benefit my career?’ Ok, let’s be honest. We do this because others do it. Right? This is a high-risk way to manage your career. You’re letting others determine how you behave. And it damages your career in many, many ways. Here’s an alternative approach.