29 Ways to Increase Traffic to a Niche Blog

Making money from blogs in an inexact science. What works one blogs fails on another. I’ve launched over 200 websites since 1998 (mostly ecommerce) and about 30 blogs (mostly technical). If your blog has a technical slant, for example, it’s target audience is technical writers, analysts, architects, or others micro niche areas, then use some of these techniques to increase your traffic.

Why negative online reviews get more traffic than positive ones?

Why do we relish bad reviews? Oliver James warns, “We want to hear about bad things happening to other people, because it makes us feel better about ourselves.” If you believed the experts, you’d think that the only way to succeed online was to be nice, fair, and generous. The reality is different. I’ve been writing […]

Friday Book Review: Flann O’Brien’s At Swim Two Birds

If I said Flann O’Brien’s At Swim-Two-Birds was better than Ulysses you’d probably smirk. After all, very few have heard of Flann O’Brien outside of the UK, whereas Joyce is a literary icon. But I still prefer At Swim Two Birds. And, if you haven’t read it, you’re in for a treat. It’s hard not to […]

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Promoting the SEOmoz Affiliate Program

If you like writing about SEO, are looking for a high-paying affiliate program from a trusted brand, then I’d highly recommend that you signup for the SEOMOZ.org affiliate program.

7 Web Careers For Single Moms

Two of our family friends are single moms with kids. They asked me to give them some ideas of how they can get started and develop income by working over the web. One has a degree in software development, while the other is a real go-getter and can learn things very quickly. Here are some of the ways you can make money using your PC and working from home.

Review MadCap Mimic 4.0, Reuse your Existing E-learning and Training Content

MadCap Mimic 4.0 is a native XML application designed for creating software simulations and tutorials. The newest version lets you import PowerPoint files, has a new Flash engine, print and output options that support conditionalized publishing. While it will take time to dislodge Adobe FrameMaker, especially legacy users, publishing managers and those responsible for running […]

Review of PayLoadz.com – Sell Digital Products / Key Features and Pricing

I use PayLoadz.com to sell digital products, such as Word and Excel templates. I also use Clickbank, which is in some ways simpler to use but not as feature rich as PayLoadz.com. To give an example of what I mean, here are some features to consider if you’re thinking about selling digital goods, such as MP3, ebook or audio files.

Process Design Tutorial #5 | What do I need to capture in my business processes?

Process Design Tutorial #5 | What do I need to capture in my business processes?

Process Design Tutorial #5 | What do I need to capture in my business processes?

Process Design Tutorial #5 | What do I need to capture in my business processes?

Follow Friday – News and Views June 3

Follow Friday – News and Views June 3rd 2009. Here’s a roundup of some of this week’s news. Next week, I’ll add more info on upcoming XML authoring software releases and the new Google Wave platform.