How to price ‘special offers’ and 2-1 bundles

Next, how to price special offers and bundles? For example, buy two, get one free. Let’s say you’re selling high-resolution Nature photographs online. One tactics to increase online sales is to offer bundles. You see these in most online retailers, for example, Amazon, where you ‘buy one, get one free’ or similar bundle offerings. The […]

What’s the sales target for your digital product?

Next, let’s look at your Sales Target, the number of products you expect (need) to sell. This is the most variable of our variables and you can play around with it based on your own numbers Should you offer tiered pricing for your digital goods? Tier pricing lets you price items differently for higher quantities. […]

What type of customers will buy my digital products?

Before you create your product, especially if this is the first time in digital product development, you need to know exactly who will buy it. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? However, what often happens is that what looks like a great opportunity to you – I bet many people would like to buy that – may […]

5 Way To Market New Web Products

April Dunford gives five great tips on how to market your web product to early adopters. She asks how can you blend marketing and product development to increase adoption, in particular by those who are likely to champion your product before it goes main-stream. Geoffrey Moore covered this in Crossing the Chasm and Inside the […]

Review of – Sell Digital Products / Key Features and Pricing

I use to sell digital products, such as Word and Excel templates. I also use Clickbank, which is in some ways simpler to use but not as feature rich as To give an example of what I mean, here are some features to consider if you’re thinking about selling digital goods, such as MP3, ebook or audio files.