An Audience Analysis Tip from Somerset Maugham

Summary: Audience Analysis is the foundation of your marketing plan. Use it to crystallize what you know about prospective customers so you can reduce the guesswork and start building products and services real customers will pay for. Somerset Maugham, the writer of The Razor’s Edge, said that you can never know your characters well enough. […]

How to identify the target audience for your digital product?

The first step is to learn more about the customers you plan to sell to. For example: What country are they in? This affects copy, imagery, delivery methods, and other issues such as tax and VAT. What currency do they prefer to pay in? Will your shopping cart support different currencies? If not, how do […]

How to Upsell Petrol with Chocolate

When I go buy petrol, they try to upsell me chocolate. It’s pink and nasty looking. ‘No thanks, I’m trying to lose weight,’ I say, feeling embarrassed. ‘No problem,’ the attendant replies. ‘No problem?’ Was their a problem? If you run a business, it’s often interesting to look at these everyday situations and ask: Why […]