Productivity: How To Make Friday Your Busiest Day

Friday is my busiest day. Most folks power down and go into weekend mode. Not here! Ask yourself, ‘why do I go down a gear on Friday?’, ‘How does this benefit my career?’ Ok, let’s be honest. We do this because others do it. Right? This is a high-risk way to manage your career. You’re letting others determine how you behave. And it damages your career in many, many ways. Here’s an alternative approach.

Video: How to Create a Call to Action on Your Blog

What do you want people to do after they’ve watched your video? Most beginners forget to ‘close the sale’. Their efforts go into making the video, getting it up on YouTube, but forget its original purpose. It’s easy to do when you’re in a hurry or engrossed in the technology. But you want people to […]

VIDEO: How to Sell Information Products on ClickBank

Getting started with Clickbank is easier than you’d think. In this video, we look at how to get started, setup your account and start selling your first information product.

How To Turn Off Google Buzz & Filter Your Friends

If Google Buzz is too much for you – the endless stream of live data clogging up your Gmail – you can always turn it off . Yes, the option is there and here. This also explains how to filter Buzz and filter your fav friends.

How to Batch Process Screenshots

Do you need spend hours trying to make all your photos be the same size, format, with your company watermarks added in the corner? How can you convert 100 images to same file format, add a 1 pixel black border, and make them all the same size in less that 5 minutes? Here’s how. How […]

How To Take a Screen Shot Of the Windows Start Menu Bar?

Most screenshot software doesn’t let you take a screen capture of the Windows menu bar. Here’s a workaround.

Instant Site Thumbnails for Your Blog with PageGlimpse

What’s the fastest way to take a screenshot of a website, turn it into a thumbnail, and get it on your blog? How about if you could automate this? Most of us hit print screen, take it into Snagit or PhotoShop, play with the size until it’s right and then save. Well, here’s a faster […]

How to link your Flickr and Twitter accounts

You can now link your Flickr account to Twitter, allowing you to send photos in real-time to this very powerful social media application. Before you start, you might want to read the tips on getting started over on the Flickr Twitter Beta site. It’s an easy read and you’re bound to pick up some nice […]

Yahoo Mail Tips – How to use Yahoo Connections?

Yahoo Mail Tips – How to use Yahoo Connections?

Getting Started with Yahoo! Contacts

Getting Started with Yahoo! Contacts