How To Structure a Blog Post

Developing a professional writing style is critical if you’re serious about making money from blogging. You can get so far by posting free flowing articles that discuss subjects in a conversational manner. Many such blogs are popular, but if you look at the really successful bloggers, they all use a distinct writing style.

How To Write Catchy Ebook Titles Like Copyblogger

Want to Write Catchy Ebook Titles Like Copyblogger? Here’s 3 creative ways to find a catchy title for your ebook (or blog post) and ensure that it gets the attention that it deserves.

Over 50 Entrepreneurs: How to Start a Web Business That Matches Your Skills

Why there are no shortcuts to a successful web business? I get emails most weeks asking for advice – or shortcuts – on the best way to start a living working online. To be honest, I’ve found no shortcuts. Maybe there are some but I haven’t seen them recently.

Why negative online reviews get more traffic than positive ones?

Why do we relish bad reviews? Oliver James warns, “We want to hear about bad things happening to other people, because it makes us feel better about ourselves.” If you believed the experts, you’d think that the only way to succeed online was to be nice, fair, and generous. The reality is different. I’ve been writing […]

How To Schedule Facebook Status Updates With Hootsuite

How can I schedule status updates to Facebook? One of the limitations with Facebook is that you can’t schedule posts in Facebook itself. But there is a workaround. Here’s how to schedule updates to your Facebook page so you can keep you page active while on vacation, business trips, or when off the web.

How To Turn Negative Comments to Your Advantage

John Chow said you need a skin like a rhino to survive as a professional blogger. I’ve blogger since GeoCities (now defunct) in the late 90s. Since then I’ve worked on dozen of web projects. Some were more successful than others. One trend we noticed was that sites with a strong identify drew the most viewers.

How to Sign Out of Facebook Remotely and Other Hacks

Facebook’s new security features help control your privacy, especially if you log in on cybercafés, hotels or at airports. You can now force Facebook to logoff from a remote location and create one time passwords. These are easier to use than you’d think and, for me, give greater confidence when using Facebook on business trips. Here’s how it works.

The Field of Dreams Guide to Starting a New Business

Read this article is you’ve ever wanted to start a business but can’t find the best way to begin. Like many of us, you want to run a business, you feel you can do it, but something holds you back. You’re not sure what. It’s hard to put your finger on exactly what stops you from taking the first step. Well, I’ve been there. Here’s some ways to get round this.

The Warren Buffett Nine Step Guide To Better Business English

Warren Buffet’s Annual Reports were the first annual reports I ever read. To this day, I go back and re-read them to remind myself what business writing is really about – making a connection with words. That’s it. The more you can connect, the more people will read you. They may not agree with you […]

How to calculate the real value of your web business

Once you’ve figured out how to make money from your website, you can start looking at how to sell it. Maybe you want to start another business venture and use the profits to get things started. So, how do you sell a website? This week I’ll show you how to sell your web business, which in many ways, is no different than selling a ‘real’ business. The business processes are the same, especially from the legal side, though how you value the business and attract buyers is different. Here’s how to do it.