How To Schedule Facebook Status Updates With Hootsuite

How can I schedule status updates to Facebook? One of the limitations with Facebook is that you can’t schedule posts in Facebook itself. But there is a workaround. Here’s how to schedule updates to your Facebook page so you can keep you page active while on vacation, business trips, or when off the web.

Getting Things Done… on Twitter

You know GTD? It’s also known as Getting Things Done. David Allen wrote the best-selling book on GTD and has been using Twitter to increase his fanbase. You can learn from watching how these folks use Twitter as they have access to the best brains in the business and are usually one step ahead of […]

Ten Tips & Tricks to Get the Most Out of HootSuite

If you have multiple Twitter accounts, want to schedule your tweets, want to see stats on your tweets, and want it all in a new user interface, then try Hootsuite. I used to use TweetDeck but have moved to Hootsuite as it offers better stats and integration with Facebook. Here are 10 tips to get the most out of this desktop twitter client.