How To Turn Off Google Buzz & Filter Your Friends

If Google Buzz is too much for you – the endless stream of live data clogging up your Gmail – you can always turn it off . Yes, the option is there and here. This also explains how to filter Buzz and filter your fav friends.

Make Sure your Blog Posts are Pinged Automatically

One of the hidden features in Windows Live Writer is the ability to automatically ping (send a signal) to popular blog aggregators every time you publish something to your blog.  This feature actively pings the servers of the blog aggregators you specify and to indicate when there is new material. To do this in Writer, […]

Stop Blogging! What happens if you start to make money?

Does writing a blog constitute work? Forbes reports that the New York State Department of Labor recently declared a laid-off attorney ineligible for unemployment benefits as she was bringing in $1.30 a day from blog ads.

Why Arrogance is more Dangerous than Incompetence

What did you learn from the last time you failed?
Ted Dziuba believed that raw engineering prowess could make up his lack of business experience. He discusses how his willingness to believe in his own abilities regardless of his other shortcoming blinded him to seeing the inevitably.

Outsourcing Isn’t a Problem for Silicon Valley But Is for Detroit

For those involved in out-sourcing or off-shoring, Andy Rappaport discusses why outsourcing works for the IT industry but fails in the automobile industry. He writes that “the U.S. IT industry has been able to innovate over the past 20 years even while ceding leadership of component technologies and basic processes.”

How to Get Your Email Answered

Chris Brogan (read and bookmark!) just hit a new milestone. He’s now getting over 600 emails a day on average. 50% were people asking me his time, 25% were “really nice people,” 20% were business opportunities, and 5% were friends. A quick bit of math: if he answered 1 email a minute, 600 emails would […]

Google doesn’t use the keywords Meta Tag in Web Search & SEO

Matt Cutts (head engineer at Google) highlights this post on the Google webmaster blog to make it super official, but echoes the point here as well: Google does not use the keywords meta tag in our web search. We wanted to debunk that misconception, at least as it regards to Google.

Future of Technical Documentation, problem with user-generated content in Open Source projects

Elllis, over on the Cherryleaf Technical Authors Blog, points out 5 secrets regarding the future of technical documentation.
Here are the key points:

Amazon Gets Flash Driven Search Engine

This search engine visualize a relation network of products in Amazon, from the statistics data “customers who bought this item also bought”, by digging related products again and again. Amaznode is not only for searching but also good for researching and making an associate link.

Why a virtual currency is not a currency?

The subject of virtual currencies has been covered recently in several leading magazines, such as BusinessWeek, Wired, and even CNN. While all of these have discussed the impact virtual currency may have on the internet, very few have actually defined what a virtual currency is and how it differs from a real currency.