How to position a search engine against Google?

Let’s say you want to position a new search engine against Google. How would you do it? What we mean by positioning is that, from a prospective customer’s perspective, how would they compare your new search engine against Google. You see this in marketing all time. It’s the simplest way to get to the prospect’s mind, and […]

How to make Google fall in love with your blog

Put yourself in Matt Cutts’ shoes. When people click Search, you give them the best results. How do you decide what really is the best? Understanding this is the key to creating content – not just text – for Google. It’s after quality. Yes, I know, there are exceptions to the rule but after blogging […]

Do Sub-Domains Increase or Decrease Google PageRank?

Matt Cutts’ SEO blog discusses different ways Google interprets Sub-Domains and Folders. What’s important is how your Google PageRank may be affected by setting up a new blog on a sub-domain versus a folder.

20 Mistakes I made when making it to #2 on Google

Is there anything worse than people telling you how they got to #1 on Google? And, if you pay them $33.99, they’ll send you an eBooks that tells all. Well, our sister site is now at #1 in four different categories on Google. But rather than tell you how great we all are, I’d like to tell you the mistakes we made on the way. Hopefully, you’ll learn something and spare the pain we had to go through.

Is Michael Dell’s Google Plus Idea an Admission of Failure?

Michael Dell, CEO of Dell, is thinking about using Google Plus to replace traditional customer support channels. Is this a wise decision? ‘I am thinking about hangouts for business. Would you like to be able to connect with your Dell service and sale teams via video directly from’ He suggested that Dell should consider […]

Using Google Image Search To Create Massive Traffic

Want to know how to use Google Image Search to send traffic back to your site? To do this you need to understand how Google indexes images. Once you optimize your images for Google, they’ll appear in search results and ultimately lead traffic to your site. Here’s how to do it.

Teaching Business Skills to 9 Year Old Child Entrepreneurs

I asked the little kid if he wanted to know how I made money. He said Yes. ‘It’s called Google Adsense. It’s real simple…’

Parents who run their own business want to share what they’ve learnt with their children. You want what’s best for them, what you didn’t have growing up. In short, a better life. Did your parents explain to you how to run a business? Ever wish they had? Even secretly?

Google Webmaster Tutorial: How to Get Your Site Verified

video of google webmaster tools Google Webmaster Tools is one of the hidden secrets on Google. Use this to add your site directly to its index, verify that Google sees your site (and sub-domains), and also fix the errors it has identified. Split testing has shown me that sites indexed this way perform better than sites that rely on xml sitemaps. FYI you can also add sitemaps here.

Why Your About Us Page is the Second Most Important Page on Your Site?

You find a blog you really like. You want to learn more. You’re thinking of buying from them. What do you do? Click About Us, right? Most people do. Now, pretend you’ve never visited your own site. Remember, you know nothing about you. Nothing. Look at your About Us page? Be honest, what’s the one thing that’s wrong with it?

Google News: How to Get Your Blog Indexed

Ever wondered how some blogs appear on Google News and others don’t? Ever wanted to get your site on Google News. Google has published guidelines explaining how the process works. Do it right and you might be indexed. If you’d like a site to be included in Google News, you can also send them the […]