29 Ways to Increase Traffic to a Niche Blog

Making money from blogs in an inexact science. What works one blogs fails on another. I’ve launched over 200 websites since 1998 (mostly ecommerce) and about 30 blogs (mostly technical). If your blog has a technical slant, for example, it’s target audience is technical writers, analysts, architects, or others micro niche areas, then use some of these techniques to increase your traffic.

Turn Google Docs into a Distraction Free Writing Tool

Looking for a simple writing tool that automatically hides your desktop so you can concentrate on your writing? Anil Atluri on Digital Inspiration has this great tutorial on how to make Google Docs your perfect free writing tool.

How to Get Your Email Answered

Chris Brogan (read and bookmark!) just hit a new milestone. He’s now getting over 600 emails a day on average. 50% were people asking me his time, 25% were “really nice people,” 20% were business opportunities, and 5% were friends. A quick bit of math: if he answered 1 email a minute, 600 emails would […]

Google targets Microsoft with new Chrome-based operating system

Google is set to lock horns with Microsoft as it has announced plans to create a new operating system, based on the Chrome web browser, aimed at laptop and netbook users. “It’s our attempt to re-think what operating systems should be,” it said on its Official Google Blog.