10 Incredible Adobe PDF Hacks

If you use Adobe PDFs to create technical guides, confidential reports and other business documents, then these ten PDF tips are for you. The web has many free PDF converters out there. That’s fine. But Adobe Distiller has some advanced features if you want more control of your documents, for example, increase download speed, password […]

Visio Tip #11: how to Move Text around your Diagrams

When you click on a line in Microsoft Visio and enter some text, it is automatically inserted in the middle of the line. How about if you want to move it to the side? Here’s how to do it.

Visio Tip #10: how to Improve Text in your Diagrams and Flowcharts

You can improve the look and feel of your diagrams by changing the default text settings and adding a splash of color. Here’s how to do it.