How to Import Flickr Photos into Facebook

You can now use Facebook’s import feature to add your Flickr photos into Facebook. You can import stories from other sites with the Import link at the top of your Mini-Feed. Right now, only a few sites—Flickr, Yelp, Picasa, and—are available for importing. Digg and other sites are scheduled. These posts will look just like any other Mini-Feed stories, and will hopefully increase your ability to share information with your friends.

9 Ways To Increase Web Traffic

To quote Van Halen, ‘everybody wants some.’ And what you want is traffic. Why write a blog if no-one visits, right? I have 17 technical writers’ blogs in my Google Reader & RSS feeds. Most are fine but… if they used some of the following tactics, they’d get more traffic, comments, money and Nobel prizes. […]

How to add a Flickr Slideshow to your WordPress Blog

You can add a Flickr Slideshow to your Wordpress Blog using this single line of code. All you need to do this is a Flickr account, the tag you want to use and you’re done. That’s it. Here’s how to create the slideshow.

Free Creative Commons Images on Flickr

If you’re looking for free images for your website or blog, then check out Flickr’s new Creative Commons page. Many Flickr users offer their work under a Creative Commons license, and you can browse or search through content under each type of license. Confused about the different CC licenses? Here is what the different Creative […]

Instant Site Thumbnails for Your Blog with PageGlimpse

What’s the fastest way to take a screenshot of a website, turn it into a thumbnail, and get it on your blog? How about if you could automate this? Most of us hit print screen, take it into Snagit or PhotoShop, play with the size until it’s right and then save. Well, here’s a faster […]

How to Blog Almost Every Day – Use the Inverted Pyramid story format

Image by jonathansin via Flickr Do you want to update your blog every day? Chris Brogan provides this framework for writing a blog post (almost) every day. He adds that while it’s not easy, once you develop the right habits, they stick with you. I’m writing quite regularly now, but it took me several years […]

Flickr, Make a Slideshow & Gallery of other People’s Photos

You can now create slideshows of other people’s photos in Flickr by using the new Gallery tool. Whereas the Collection and Set features lets you organized your own photos, the gallery option lets you collect photos from other Flickr photo-streams.

How to link your Flickr and Twitter accounts

You can now link your Flickr account to Twitter, allowing you to send photos in real-time to this very powerful social media application. Before you start, you might want to read the tips on getting started over on the Flickr Twitter Beta site. It’s an easy read and you’re bound to pick up some nice […]

Flickr Tips – How to use HTML to Format your Profile and Image Descriptions

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to publish different tips on how to get the best from Flickr. Here is the first set. This shows you how to format your profile and your image descriptions. In other words, if you want to bold, italic, underline or even add hyperlinks to other sites, maybe different blogs you run or want to recommend.

Flickr Tips – How to surf through your photo stream

Flickr Tips – How to surf through your photo stream