The Mel Brooks Guide to Super Strong Passwords

How strong are your passwords? I attended a course in London last year and one of the topics covered security. In Mel Brook’s movie SpaceBalls, the password to all the earth’s natural resources was…12345. It’s a comedy but you get the idea. All those efforts to control the planet and the password is child’s play. […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Making Your First YouTube Video

What’s the most common mistake people make when shooting their first video? Christopher Ming Ryan points out that most video-makers don’t get in close enough to the person talking. This lessens the impact of the message. Zoom in. Frame the face. Here’s some tips from Ivan. #1 Mistake When Making Your First YouTube Video I […]

80% of online gamers now buy virtual goods, Free to Play gamers most active buyers

According to a new report, the median average expenditure in online gaming was highest among Free to Play games ($75), followed by MMOs ($60) and Social Networks ($50) respectively. The average user plays three online games. 80% report buying digital goods for their own use while 20% said they purchase for gifts.

Report: Free-to-Play Web Games Generate Most Virtual Purchases

Mark Hefflinger reports that, as online gaming companies explore how virtual goods can leads to revenue generation, a new survey shows that, “free-to-play games attract the greatest number of virtual goods buyers, and that virtual currency is the most popular purchase.”