How to write better headlines in one minute


Jack Nicklaus once said, “Golf is simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.”
I don’t know. Golf isn’t for me. But we get the idea.

Swing. Ball. Hole. That’s it.
It’s the same with writing. Take headlines, for example.
Did you click the blog post headline on Twitter, Facebook, or Google?
If I look into my crystal bowl… Google, right?
Eugene Schwarz recommended that you should spend the same amount of time writing the headline as writing the article.
Just for one line?
His argument was, and I agree, is that if the headline doesn’t pull in the reader, then it doesn’t matter how great the article is, they’ll never find out.
So, it better be good. Real good. Because we both know how much completion there is out there.
Ok. So how do we write better headlines?
Do this.

  • Install Feedly. Add twenty blogs to it. Mix it up.
  • Scan the headlines every day. Write down (by hand) those that catch your eye. Yes, it has to be by hand.
  • Watch the most popular posts. It shows you in the side bar.
  • See any trends? If you keep this up for only ten day, you’ll get a sixth sense for which headlines work.

Trust me, you just get a feel for it.
That’s it for today. Get started with Feedly and I’ll show you another trick tomorrow.
PS – if you’ve seen a great headline, please send it in to me.