How to Define Business Rules and Business Requirements

Where do Business Requirements start? Where do Business Rules end? One of the problems for junior Business Analysts is that they may focus so much on the Business Requirements, that they overlook how the underlying Business Rules define how the business truly functions. Unless you’re clear on the difference between the two, you may end […]

Top Ten Countries for Entrepreneurs: USA in 3rd?

Who do you think are the top ten countries for Entrepreneurs? Where do you think the US is this year? Well, when George Bush said that the French didn’t have a word for Entrepreneurs, the well-heeled in the Europe snickered. But, George may have the last laugh as many European countries performed poorly in a report on Global Entrepreneurship.

Teaching Business Skills to 9 Year Old Child Entrepreneurs

I asked the little kid if he wanted to know how I made money. He said Yes. ‘It’s called Google Adsense. It’s real simple…’

Parents who run their own business want to share what they’ve learnt with their children. You want what’s best for them, what you didn’t have growing up. In short, a better life. Did your parents explain to you how to run a business? Ever wish they had? Even secretly?

Identifying Role Models That Suit Your Business

Should you use a role model to develop your business? Maybe you should: the top business magazines say, ‘be yourself, be authentic, share your story’ Or maybe you shouldn’t. For entrepreneurs, using a role model creates a dilemma. Does it mean you’ve sold out? Do you lose street cred? Can you really copy someone else and be true to yourself?