How to Increase Customer Signup Rates by Email

If you had a choice between email and Facebook for web marketing, which would you choose? I hope you chose email as it’s more effective for long-term customer engagement. Try to segment your customer list on Facebook and see how hard it is. But there is a problem with email. Email Marketing – Increase Signups […]

Aweber v MailChimp – which is best value for money?

Should you pay for aweber or take the free route with MailChimp? I have to admit I’m tempted to drop aweber and go with MailChimp. But I need to be careful. I have don’t this before and got burned. Here are some points to consider when switching email software. It’s not all about price. Aweber […]

Email v Facebook Conversion Rates

Should you invest your sales budget in email (old but proven) or Facebook (new and growing)? Research suggests that your budget would be better spent in email marketing than social media. But if we look at the results, different trends emerge that are more encouraging for Facebook marketing. Let’s take a look. Email v Facebook: […]

Should You Send Full Or Partial Blog Posts To Your Email Newsletter?

One of the dilemmas when using email is deciding if you should send the entire blog post in the email or just an extract. I do both on different sites as my readers have different preferences. Recently, I moved to AWeber as it lets me send extracts (teasers) via email and then encourage them to visit the website. Of course, you can also send the full email to the website as we’ll show next.

Are You Making These 17 Emails Marketing Mistakes?

In the last sixteen years, email has helped me win more business than any other tool. It’s turned cautious readers into enthusiastic buyers. It’s brought in prospective customers from the edge and driven repeat traffic to the money pages. Here are some of the mistakes I’ve made and how to get around them. Emails Mistakes […]

One Proven Way To Double Your Email Subscribers

If you’re like me, you don’t subscribe to many newsletters. Blogs are better. Maybe you use Google Reader to bring the articles to you. It makes sense. I do this same. But, my newsletter brings in more sales than my blog, twitter and PPC. So, how can you increase the number of email subscribers? It’s easy when you think about it.

Why Your About Us Page is the Second Most Important Page on Your Site?

You find a blog you really like. You want to learn more. You’re thinking of buying from them. What do you do? Click About Us, right? Most people do. Now, pretend you’ve never visited your own site. Remember, you know nothing about you. Nothing. Look at your About Us page? Be honest, what’s the one thing that’s wrong with it?

7 Ways to Save Time At Work

Last week we looked at how much time you spend working every week. We looked at how Christine managed her time and tried to find ways to improve her productivity. The key here is to step back, see where you’re spending/wasting time and then find practical ways to address this. What works for Christine may […]

How to Get Your Email Answered

Chris Brogan (read and bookmark!) just hit a new milestone. He’s now getting over 600 emails a day on average. 50% were people asking me his time, 25% were “really nice people,” 20% were business opportunities, and 5% were friends. A quick bit of math: if he answered 1 email a minute, 600 emails would […]

Yahoo Mail Tips – How to use Yahoo Connections?

Yahoo Mail Tips – How to use Yahoo Connections?