How To Write Catchy Ebook Titles Like Copyblogger

Want to Write Catchy Ebook Titles Like Copyblogger? Here’s 3 creative ways to find a catchy title for your ebook (or blog post) and ensure that it gets the attention that it deserves.

The Blackadder Guide to Interfrastically Profitable Ebooks

If only Blackadder had eJunkie to publish his books! It’s my magnum opus, says Blackadder. It took me eight years to write and now Dr Johnson may publish it. If you’ve seen Blackadder, you know what happens next. Publishing eBooks in 1574 Most of us have a good book in us, declared Blackadder. And he’s […]

What’s the right number of pages for an eBook to sell well?

Want to write an ebook (that you can sell) but are not sure how long it should be? 30 pages or 300? There’s different schools of thought on this but here are some tactics you can use. Ebook: length, format, audience & price Start backwards. Don’t worry about the size of the ebook yet. Instead […]