VAT on Digital Products in Europe?

The EU operates Value Added Tax (VAT) and electronic goods and services are subject to VAT at the applicable rate. Each member state may set its own rate of VAT if they want. VAT regulations are very complicated and the intent of this article is not to provide definitive guidance but rather to list some […]

How To Add a PayPal Donation Button To Your Blog

PayPal Donations is a nice way to let people donate a small amount of your site, usually as a thank you for providing quality information, tips or advice. You can use this to collect donations from a PayPal Donation button on your website, or even using it as a link in your email. PayPal won’t automatically place the button code on your website, but it’s very easy to copy and paste the code into your blog or website’s code.

Survey – 46% Virtual World Fans Buy Most. Virtual Goods Market worth $250M

Survey – 46% Virtual World fans buy most. 33% iPhone owners buy from the same platforms. According to a new study, 12% of the overall population has bought virtual goods in the last 12 months. A closer look at the digital entertainment habits of virtual goods buyers reveals that virtual world visitors are the heaviest virtual goods buyers, with 46% of these consumers buying virtual goods (from virtual worlds, games or social networks) and nearly one third of iPhone owners buying from the same platforms.