Why Chinese Kids Are Smart But Not Creative

Ever wonder why Chinese kids are so good at math? DNA? Are they born smart or is it just practise? We moved to China in 2009 and were warned about how tough the schooling would be. Chinese parents, anxious to help, dropped a few hints. At farewell dinners the conversation would eventually turn to education: how hard the Chinese kids worked and/or how easy it was for western kids. I knew they were clever; what I didn’t grasp was the level of effort involved.

55 Hour Train Trips To Tibet With Kids: How to Survive

We traveled from Beijing to Xian to Tibet during the summer with our son. It took three days to get there on a very packed train and another eight to get to the Holy Lake. Over some very bumpy roads. Luckily, we’ve traveled in China for many years so know what to expect. Here are some do’s and don’ts if you plan to travel in Asia, especially if you’re bringing kids.

How To Find A ‘Second’ Reason To Do Something Important

When should I start my business? When will I have all the information I need to begin? Answer? Never. You have to start with what you have. In this video, I share a very smart observation that Rajesh Setty made about getting started in business. You don’t always need to have 4 legs to make a table; sometimes 3 will do. Confused? Watch the video.

Writing Business Documents for Chinese and Japanese Readers

Carsten Mende explains how loan words are used in China and Japan. These are English words that are commonly used in everyday Chinese, (i.e. loaned) but may not translate correctly if taken literally. He looks at how the ‘Chinese and Japanese languages incorporate English terms and how they are used’ and gives suggestions on what […]

The Dunning-Kruger Effect & How To Fail Slowly

Have you noticed this obsession with speed? Everyone is doing things, real fast. Even failure has to be fast. Fail fast is the new mantra. Christopher S. Penn takes up this point, ‘Ever done this? You see a traffic jam ahead, get off at the next exit, and spend 30 extra minutes on side and back roads to go around the jam… which in reality is only a 10 minute traffic jam? This is the dabbler. This is the person who fails too fast.’ Do you fail too fast?

7 Tips for Business Trips to Shanghai

Planning on doing business in China? Doing business in China is not the same as wherever you’re from. If you keep comparing China to your country, however wonderful it is, you won’t enjoy China very much. Take it on its own terms.