How To Negotiate Daily Rates When Starting as a Freelance Web Writer

If you decide to start contracting, one of the hardest things to work out is what daily rate to charge. Many of the readers on this site are looking at ways to escape the 9-5 and moving into contracting is one way to start this process.

100 Words You Need To Speak Any Language even Chinese and Ancient Greek

Did you ever wish you could speak French and read all those great novels? Or maybe Spanish, so you could travel to South America and have more than Buenos Dias? Or Arabic, Chinese, or Japanese.  Most of us never start. It’s too hard. But, if I told you that all you need is 100 words […]

What type of skills do Technical Writers need?

What type of skills do Technical Writers need? Technical writers often have a degree in English, technical writing, the technical field for which they are writing, or a combination of these.

5 Tips on How to Make a Cold Call and Survive!

5 Tips on How to Make a Cold Call and Survive!

How to Interview Technical Writers

Here are some tips for interviewing technical writers, for example, if your company needs to hire a contractor to write some documentation for your next release.

Technical Writing in India | Resources for Indian Tech Writers

This page lists technical writers, tech writing companies, and education providers in India. It also provides career advice about entering technical writing in India and future prospects of graduates. While there is alot of info about technical writing in India, what’s missing here are most Indian tech writers. From what I can see there are […]

Getting an entry level technical writing job

Anya has posted this excellent article on getting an entry level technical writing job.  She offers some nice tips on preparing for entry level technical writing interviews and how to get employers to take you seriously.