Ernest Hemingway’s 10 Step Guide to Persuasive Writing

Hemingway’s prose is ‘ordinary’, but you can’t help keep reading on and on and on… It looks simple until you try it. Look at how he does it. Crisp, direct and engaging. He makes long sentences short, mundane subjects interesting, clips along at a nice pace, without losing the thread. You can use these techniques […]

9 Ways to Write Better Summaries and Abstracts

This article is about writing headlines, summaries and abstracts. Before we start: just what is an abstract? Philip Koopman, at Carnegie Mellon University, reminds us that, “Writing an efficient abstract is hard work, but will repay you with increased impact on the world by enticing people to read your publications. Make sure that all the […]

Alec Baldwin’s 14 Ways To Improve Your Business Plan

Don’t know about you but I didn’t like business writing when I started out. It took forever to write white papers, data sheets, and other sales materials. One of the reasons was that it was ‘assumed’ the customer preferred lengthy documents that covered all aspects of the product/service we were offering. How wrong we all were. Sure, it had it’s place but not all documents had to be long. And it’s the same with your Business Plan. It doesn’t have to be fifty of sixty pages. If you can get it under twenty – and keep the material focused – then do it.

The Mythical One Page Business Plan

A One Page Business Plan is more useful than you’d think. I was a bit sceptical about writing a one page business plan until my client twisted my arm to write it. I’d wanted to write a more in- depth document or use Business Plan software to scope out the requirements. As an experiment we tried it.

Which Type of Business Plan Is Twice As Likely to Get Investment?

Let’s say you’re about to write your first Business Plan. Or maybe write another one for a new business. Or maybe re-write a Business Plan that didn’t work in the past. And you have a choice… You can trawl the web and download some free Business Plan or get out the credit card and buy one. Tricky, isn’t it? There is so much out there, it’s hard to resist. Ok, why am I rambling on about this?

Writing Business Documents for Chinese and Japanese Readers

Carsten Mende explains how loan words are used in China and Japan. These are English words that are commonly used in everyday Chinese, (i.e. loaned) but may not translate correctly if taken literally. He looks at how the ‘Chinese and Japanese languages incorporate English terms and how they are used’ and gives suggestions on what […]

How to Write Killer Headlines Like Andrew Chen: 21 CopyWriting Do’s and Dont’s

Copyblogger fans, if you want to see great web copy, read Andrew Chen. I’m going to show you his top 15 posts from last year. What do you see? The headlines are very compelling; smart little nuggets that draw you in. The secret is how he combines several copywriting techniques so well. It looks seamless. And that’s what makes it so great.

How To Mind Your Grammar On The Web

Ben Parr (Mashable) asks: “Say your project manager comes to you with his proposal that will be going out to investors, business partners, and potential clients. Then you find that your manager has used “4” instead of “four”, “r” instead of “are”, and abbreviations such as lol, atm, and idk. How would you react? “

The 10 Dumbest Mistakes Business Writers Make

Lots of dumb mistakes can slip into even the best writing. Here we look specifically at reports and other technical documents to provide authors with a checklist they can use for their work.

How to Become a Certified Grant Writer | Video Tutorial

Grant writers can become certified online, but they are generally judged by their experience and training. Become a grant writer with tips from a credentialed teacher in this free video on writing lessons. How to Become a Certified Grant Writer — powered by