How to Personalize Google’s Search Engine

Eric flicked me an email about Google Adsense asking if it was worth the effort and what other alternative information products/services should he look at. Here’s an extract of the email I sent back. ~Hi Eric, thanks for the kind words. As you can imagine, it’s hard to know if you’re going in the right […]

The Mythical One Page Business Plan

A One Page Business Plan is more useful than you’d think. I was a bit sceptical about writing a one page business plan until my client twisted my arm to write it. I’d wanted to write a more in- depth document or use Business Plan software to scope out the requirements. As an experiment we tried it.

Do Tough Bosses Reap What They Sow?

Who’s The Toughest Boss in the US? You see these headlines in business magazines all the time. But what interesting from a business perspective is not Who but Why? Does a tough love boss generate better results that a compassionate one? Do all cultures use this as their yardstick when judging CEOs and leaders?

5 Business Plan Mistakes to Avoid

The importance of business planning is widely documented; however, guidance as to what constitutes good business planning is less clearly defined. This article aims to redress that imbalance by describing 5 of the most common mistakes that occur in business plans.

What Al Pacino Taught Me About Corporate Culture

I interviewed three people during the week. All were well-educated, articulate, and qualified.

But something was eating at me.

If you (20-something) are coming to an interview with me (45 year old) remember…

Steve Jobs: How to Define A Succession Plan For

It’s a cliché. No one is bigger than the team. But, in the case of Apple, it’s the other way round. No one is bigger than Steve. And when Steve goes… Let’s look at how Apple is creating a Succession Plan for Steve Jobs and what mistakes it needs to avoid.

Business Planning: Shrink the Change and Get It Finished

One myth about writing Business Plans is that they’re hard. Not true. They’re very hard to do right. But before you hit the Back button, here is one way you can get it written it, with a lot less pain than you’d expect.

The Jeff Bezos Regret Minimization Framework

I preferred to avoid risks, especially big ones, until I saw this short video by Jeff Bezos. In less than four minutes he changed my perspective on how to take risks and have more confidence in your decisions.

Teaching Business Skills to 9 Year Old Child Entrepreneurs

I asked the little kid if he wanted to know how I made money. He said Yes. ‘It’s called Google Adsense. It’s real simple…’

Parents who run their own business want to share what they’ve learnt with their children. You want what’s best for them, what you didn’t have growing up. In short, a better life. Did your parents explain to you how to run a business? Ever wish they had? Even secretly?

Are Virtual Assistants 21st Century Slaves?

I blame Tim Ferris.

Today I will exploit six single mothers in three different counties. And tomorrow I’ll do the same. I use Virtual Assistants. And in some people’s eyes, this has become a modern day slavery trade driven by the demon Internet.

Tim, who as an Irish Hurling Champion can’t be all bad, wrote the best-seller Four Hour Work Week, which is the definitive guide for outsourcing your life. Here’s how it works.