5 Business Plan Mistakes to Avoid

The importance of business planning is widely documented; however, guidance as to what constitutes good business planning is less clearly defined. This article aims to redress that imbalance by describing 5 of the most common mistakes that occur in business plans.

Business Planning: Shrink the Change and Get It Finished

One myth about writing Business Plans is that they’re hard. Not true. They’re very hard to do right. But before you hit the Back button, here is one way you can get it written it, with a lot less pain than you’d expect.

The Jeff Bezos Regret Minimization Framework

I preferred to avoid risks, especially big ones, until I saw this short video by Jeff Bezos. In less than four minutes he changed my perspective on how to take risks and have more confidence in your decisions.

Identifying Role Models That Suit Your Business

Should you use a role model to develop your business? Maybe you should: the top business magazines say, ‘be yourself, be authentic, share your story’ Or maybe you shouldn’t. For entrepreneurs, using a role model creates a dilemma. Does it mean you’ve sold out? Do you lose street cred? Can you really copy someone else and be true to yourself?

How To Ensure Your Business Proposal Gets Accepted By Difficult Evaluators

What’s your success ratio with proposals? 25% is average. Very few get 50%. I help government agencies evaluate proposals. Most bids that come across my desk make the same errors, use the same flawed strategies and are never accepted. And the next time, they repeat the same mistake. Here are some ways to avoid this. It’s not painful, it just requires effort.

100 Words You Need To Speak Any Language even Chinese and Ancient Greek

Did you ever wish you could speak French and read all those great novels? Or maybe Spanish, so you could travel to South America and have more than Buenos Dias? Or Arabic, Chinese, or Japanese.  Most of us never start. It’s too hard. But, if I told you that all you need is 100 words […]

The Right Way To Comment On Chris Brogan’s Blog

What’s the right way to comment on other people’s blogs? Ari reckons that comments should be unique. Don’t write the same comment on every blog; don’t drone on if your point can be made quicker. Be unique, quick & current. I agree with the first two but not the third. How you comment on other […]

What Amazon Can Learn from Taobao, the Largest Chinese Ecommerce Portal

Taobao.com is the 11th most successful website in the world. It makes more money than most all US ecommerce sites, except Amazon, and this may be about to change. The way ecommerce works in China is different than in Europe and the US. Partly this is to do with low credit card penetration, complex delivery logistics and customer support.

The Dunning-Kruger Effect & How To Fail Slowly

Have you noticed this obsession with speed? Everyone is doing things, real fast. Even failure has to be fast. Fail fast is the new mantra. Christopher S. Penn takes up this point, ‘Ever done this? You see a traffic jam ahead, get off at the next exit, and spend 30 extra minutes on side and back roads to go around the jam… which in reality is only a 10 minute traffic jam? This is the dabbler. This is the person who fails too fast.’ Do you fail too fast?

Second Life’s Virtual Economy Makes $500m Per Year

Patrick Hoge, writing in the San Francisco Business Times, reports that Second Life “residents” have spent more than $1 billion in transactions to date and spent 1 billion hours logged into this virtual world. Facts 1. In 2008, Second Life users spent $360 million on virtual goods ranging from land (virtual real estate) to designer […]