Ernest Hemingway’s 10 Step Guide to Persuasive Writing

Hemingway’s prose is ‘ordinary’, but you can’t help keep reading on and on and on… It looks simple until you try it. Look at how he does it. Crisp, direct and engaging. He makes long sentences short, mundane subjects interesting, clips along at a nice pace, without losing the thread. You can use these techniques […]

Alec Baldwin’s 14 Ways To Improve Your Business Plan

Don’t know about you but I didn’t like business writing when I started out. It took forever to write white papers, data sheets, and other sales materials. One of the reasons was that it was ‘assumed’ the customer preferred lengthy documents that covered all aspects of the product/service we were offering. How wrong we all were. Sure, it had it’s place but not all documents had to be long. And it’s the same with your Business Plan. It doesn’t have to be fifty of sixty pages. If you can get it under twenty – and keep the material focused – then do it.

How to Upsell Petrol with Chocolate

When I go buy petrol, they try to upsell me chocolate. It’s pink and nasty looking. ‘No thanks, I’m trying to lose weight,’ I say, feeling embarrassed. ‘No problem,’ the attendant replies. ‘No problem?’ Was their a problem? If you run a business, it’s often interesting to look at these everyday situations and ask: Why […]

The Mythical One Page Business Plan

A One Page Business Plan is more useful than you’d think. I was a bit sceptical about writing a one page business plan until my client twisted my arm to write it. I’d wanted to write a more in- depth document or use Business Plan software to scope out the requirements. As an experiment we tried it.

What the Franchise King® Can Teach You About Business

If you had a choice between starting your own business and buying into a franchise, which would you take? Joel Libava, The Franchise King®, recently made a very compelling argument to buy a franchise rather than start a business from scratch. Let’s look at the pros and cons of buying a franchise.

5 Business Plan Mistakes to Avoid

The importance of business planning is widely documented; however, guidance as to what constitutes good business planning is less clearly defined. This article aims to redress that imbalance by describing 5 of the most common mistakes that occur in business plans.

Why the Wrong Investor Will Kill Your Business Plan

Business Plan is finished. Business Case is rock solid. Marketing Plan ready to go. What next? You need cash, right otherwise you can’t move from business plans to business planning.

Warren Buffett and Better Business Plan Writing

‘The business schools reward difficult complex behavior more than simple behavior, but simple behavior is more effective.’ Warren Buffett How to Write an Executive Summary that generates interest Your Executive Summary should excite the reader and help them understand the key results and conclusions in your business document, whether it’s your business proposal, business plan, […]

Business Planning: Shrink the Change and Get It Finished

One myth about writing Business Plans is that they’re hard. Not true. They’re very hard to do right. But before you hit the Back button, here is one way you can get it written it, with a lot less pain than you’d expect.

Are Virtual Assistants 21st Century Slaves?

I blame Tim Ferris.

Today I will exploit six single mothers in three different counties. And tomorrow I’ll do the same. I use Virtual Assistants. And in some people’s eyes, this has become a modern day slavery trade driven by the demon Internet.

Tim, who as an Irish Hurling Champion can’t be all bad, wrote the best-seller Four Hour Work Week, which is the definitive guide for outsourcing your life. Here’s how it works.