Case Study: How Copyblogger Shifted From Blog Publishing To Product Development

Have you noticed how Copyblogger is moving from a ‘traditional’ blog to a solutions provider offering web marketing tools? Some people feel that Copyblogger should have stuck to its roots and built a better blog, but I’m not so sure. As they say, “To stay in business, you need to be in business.” What Copyblogger’s […]

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Submitting your First iPhone App

If creating iPhone apps is part of your online business plans, or if you plan to create iPhone apps for the iPhone, iPad, or iTouch, then understanding how to submit your app will save you a lot of hassle and ensure that your app get into the marketplace as soon as possible.

How to Get Started on Your First Business Plan

Writing a Business Plan can be intimidating at first. There is so much to cover and it’s difficult to know where to start. One suggestion is to prepare yourself to go forward. What do I mean? What I mean is to study how others write Business Plan first. Look at how they Create the Business […]

How To Find A ‘Second’ Reason To Do Something Important

When should I start my business? When will I have all the information I need to begin? Answer? Never. You have to start with what you have. In this video, I share a very smart observation that Rajesh Setty made about getting started in business. You don’t always need to have 4 legs to make a table; sometimes 3 will do. Confused? Watch the video.

Game design as marketing: How game mechanics create demand for virtual goods

Hamari, J. & Lehdonvirta, V. have published a very interesting paper on how online game mechanics create demand for virtual goods.