Why do middle-aged English women make the best murder mystery writers?

Isn’t it strange that women make the best murder mystery writers? Well, maybe it isn’t but there is something in me that wonders why women writers have this genre nailed.

Why women make the best murder writers?

This little story is true.
I was in the office many years ago and two of the girls started chatting about some murder show on TV.
They were both rabbitting on about how predictable it was and, if they were writing the story, they’d have changed the plot?
For example, I asked.
Well, the first one said, it was very naive to kill the person on a mountain top.
Because, the corpse would be preserved and leave evidence. Better to thrown the body into the river. The other nodded in agreement and then expanded on the point.
And on it went for ten minutes…
It struck me that the girls were looking at this in a very clinical way. And it was that distance that allowed them to cross-check the plot, see gaps, and close any loopholes. I’m not sure guys have the patience.
Maybe they like to get started and into the action, regardless of the consequence. I’m not sure.
In either case, I’m surrounded by wonderful books by female┬ámurder writers but not one by a man.
Here’s some I have:

What do you think? Who would you add to this list?