How To Turn Negative Comments to Your Advantage

John Chow said you need a skin like a rhino to survive as a professional blogger. I’ve blogger since GeoCities (now defunct) in the late 90s. Since then I’ve worked on dozen of web projects. Some were more successful than others. One trend we noticed was that sites with a strong identify drew the most viewers.

How Much Should You Pay For a 500 Word Article?

I’m curious. How much would you pay me to write a 500 word article for you?

Ok. I don’t do freelance work at the moment. But, if I did, how would you go about it?One way to scale your internet business is to outsource writing tasks to Virtual Assistants and Freelancers. The upfront cost (payment) is offset by the extra sales you’ll make (returns) on the time you save.

Video: How to Create a Call to Action on Your Blog

What do you want people to do after they’ve watched your video? Most beginners forget to ‘close the sale’. Their efforts go into making the video, getting it up on YouTube, but forget its original purpose. It’s easy to do when you’re in a hurry or engrossed in the technology. But you want people to […]

Google News: How to Get Your Blog Indexed

Ever wondered how some blogs appear on Google News and others don’t? Ever wanted to get your site on Google News. Google has published guidelines explaining how the process works. Do it right and you might be indexed. If you’d like a site to be included in Google News, you can also send them the […]

How do you Manage Negative Comments on your Blog?

I need your advice. Someone has left a fairly negative comment on my blog. What should I do? Approve or Delete? The reason I ask is this. I want people to give their opinion and, even if it offends me in some ways—let’s say they made some sarcastic remarks or found a typo—I’d still approve […]

How to write Link Bait for Digg, Reddit or StumbleUpon

Want to be on the very first page of You’d be famous, right? Here’s how to do it. Link Bait has one specific aim — get me to the top of The idea is that once you get there, others will click through to your site and you can reap the rewards once […]

How to Blog Almost Every Day – Use the Inverted Pyramid story format

Image by jonathansin via Flickr Do you want to update your blog every day? Chris Brogan provides this framework for writing a blog post (almost) every day. He adds that while it’s not easy, once you develop the right habits, they stick with you. I’m writing quite regularly now, but it took me several years […]

WordPress Twitter Tool

Twitter Tools lets you integrates your blog with Twitter, so that every time you publish an article, it is automatically sent to Twitter. Even better, it can setup a daily and weekly blog post listing all the tweets you sent. One small thing is that the default setting for the blog posts is “New Blog […]

How much do freelance writers charge for writing posts?

How much do freelance writers charge for writing posts? Now that our little site is doing well, freelance writers are approaching us and offering their services. I thought I’d offer this to give you all an idea of the rates per post and per article we’re being quoted. By the way, the writer you sent this was very professional, had a great portfolio and recommendations from satisfied clients.