Data sheets: How to write benefits

Like everything, it’s easy when you get it right. Benefits are one of the cornerstones of sales and marketing documents, such as data sheets. In most cases, we only really notice them when something either doesn’t looks right (odd format) or is hard to understand (jargon). So, if you’re planning to write benefits, especially for […]

15 Ways to Write Better Business Case Studies

Over the past few weeks we’ve looked at how to write business proposals (and business plans) to generate new business opportunities. One way to succeed in this area is to understand how the ‘Business Case’ is generated within an organization (as this is often written before the actual RFP is sent out) and the type […]

7 Benefits of a Virtual Currency

Virtual currency offer many benefits, especially on websites where the users may not have access to credit cards or other types of payments. The role of a virtual currency is to act as a substitute currency allowing customers to buy, sell, and trade items without having to use a real world currency.

Do Long Posts generate more traffic?

Do Long Posts generate more traffic? Jakob Nielsen explains the different benefits that Short versus Long articles bring to your site, especially if you are running an online business. In his newsletter, he asks “should your website have concise or in-depth content?”