The Pros and Cons of a Documentation Plan

Gordon McLean asks: do you plan to review your plan? This is in relation to the Documentation Plan (aka Information Development Plan) that most technical writers prepare in advance of starting a major project. Granted, on smaller projects you can get away with this if you know the product, have the resources and the deliverables […]

Top 50 Technical Writers on the Web

I’ve made a list of the top 50 technical writers with a web presence. Some of these you might know, such as Darren Barefoot and Tom Johnson. I have also added some other writers from India, Russia and Israel to reach out to a wider audience. I’m sure there are others that I’ve missed. Let me know and I’ll update the list.

Twitter Updates for 2009-06-23

Review of Groundswell – Social Media Technologies Forrester Research # RT @StanChu Facebook Developer Garage Shanghai June 27 # YAK WordPress open source shopping cart. Developed by SourceForge # Stunning Twitter Timeline – Evolution of Twitter in the last 3 years # Google Insights. Web Search Volume for Social Media […]

DITA specialization in Adobe FrameMaker 9

DITA Specialization lets you define new information classifications that can be structural or a new domain specification. Structural specialization in DITA lets you define new topic or map structures derived from base topics and maps, such as concept, task, or reference whereas domain specialization in DITA lets you define markup for a specific information domain or subject area, such as programming or hardware.

Follow Friday – News and Views June 3

Follow Friday – News and Views June 3rd 2009. Here’s a roundup of some of this week’s news. Next week, I’ll add more info on upcoming XML authoring software releases and the new Google Wave platform.