How To Build (& Destroy) A Brand On The Web

how to build a brandGerry McGovern provides this week’s guest article. “You build a brand on the Web one click at a time. You destroy your brand by wasting your customers’ time. I am a customer of a number of banks. I judge these banks, at least partly, by the experience I have with them online. I used to really like the National Irish Bank experience. Then they ‘improved’ it, making it more secure. And this of course is the problem at the heart of security. You can make a process so secure that even the people for whom it is designed can’t use it without huge effort.”

What is the ‘search, compare, verify’ generation?

Image via Wikipedia Gerry Mcgovern Success on the Web is not about making customers do what you want. It is about helping customers do what they want. My Lenovo laptop has great battery life. The battery lasts for 650 thousand million years if I don’t turn it on, and for 65 thousand million years if […]