Detox your Documents: Put Your Words on a Diet

Goethe once wrote to a friend, “If I had more time, I’d have sent you a shorter letter.” Here’s why.

The Only Metric That Matters in Corporate Blogging

For corporate blogs, is something important because you measure it or does the act of measuring something make it important? Take email marketing. One of the favorite metrics client want to use is signups. I’m more interested in conversions. Or at least the percentage of new conversions from the baseline. But, the client wants to […]

How To Structure a Blog Post

Developing a professional writing style is critical if you’re serious about making money from blogging. You can get so far by posting free flowing articles that discuss subjects in a conversational manner. Many such blogs are popular, but if you look at the really successful bloggers, they all use a distinct writing style.

12 (little known) web writing tips

Want to improve your web writing skills? This short tutorial will 1) help you break old writing habits that don’t work on the web and 2) show you how to develop a writing style that’s more ‘natural’ for blogging. Breaking bad writing habits Ok, this is a bit harsh but what I want to do […]

Why negative online reviews get more traffic than positive ones?

Why do we relish bad reviews? Oliver James warns, “We want to hear about bad things happening to other people, because it makes us feel better about ourselves.” If you believed the experts, you’d think that the only way to succeed online was to be nice, fair, and generous. The reality is different. I’ve been writing […]

PG Wodehouse Tips on (Web) Writing

What’s great about this gem from P.G. Wodehouse is that it applies to all types of writing: business, fiction, and web. “Always get to the dialogue as soon as possible. I always feel the thing to go for is speed. Nothing puts the reader off more than a big slab of prose at the start.” Web […]

6 Differences Between Web Writing and Blogging

She said she was a web writer and not a blogger. What’s the difference?, I asked. Web writing is structured. Has a start, middle, and end. Blogging is often snippets, fragments, and less formal. Web writing is part of a larger process. For example, she writes a series of online articles that will feed into […]

Why Do Bad Things Always Happen To Me?

Why me? One of the kids shouted out while spawning on Minecraft. Why me and not someone else? Why Me in Kids When we hear this in others, it strikes a chord but not the one (I expect) they’d hope in us. When the kids gets slaughtered on Minecraft or the Xbox, it’s not that […]

Why do middle-aged English women make the best murder mystery writers?

Isn’t it strange that women make the best murder mystery writers? Well, maybe it isn’t but there is something in me that wonders why women writers have this genre nailed. Why women make the best murder writers? This little story is true. I was in the office many years ago and two of the girls […]

How to Improve StumbleUpon’s 404 Page?

What’s wrong with this 404 page on StumbleUpon? Before we start, the cats are lovely and SU is a goldmine. Saying that, there’s always room for improvement.  Read how to improve error messages, help, forms, and other crisis points if this topic interests you. What is a 404 Page? First, what is a 404 page? It’s […]