How to Overcome Technical Writer’s Block

What happens when we feel scared? We freeze. If you go blank when you sit down to write, chances are you’re afraid of something. But, it’s not what you think. It’s not writer’s block, for example. Usually, it’s something simpler. Judgement. When you feel you’re going to be judged, when the inner critic begins to […]

White Paper Writing: How long is a white paper?

At least seven pages. If it’s less than this, it’s just a long article. Remember, your aim is to write about a subject so that it demonstrates your: insight, expertise, and recommendations To do this, you need about 2500 words, which is around 7-8 pages. Images, graphics, charts, and legal text will increase the page […]

Data Sheets: How to write the Benefits section

Like everything, it’s easy when you get it right. Benefits are one of the cornerstones of sales and marketing documents, such as data sheets. In most cases, we only really notice them when something either doesn’t looks right (odd format) or is hard to understand (jargon). So, if you’re planning to write benefits, especially for […]

White Paper Writing: How to develop your voice

In general, a ‘writing voice’ applies to creative writing. In general… But you can also apply it to business writing. There are a few ground rules though. For example, when writing a white paper, or any business document, you need to write in a more formal style, making it hard for your personality to shine […]

How to Detox Technical Documents

Goethe once wrote to a friend, “If I had more time, I’d have sent you a shorter letter.” Here’s why.

How To Structure a Technical Blog Post

Developing a professional writing style is critical if you’re serious about making money from blogging. You can get so far by posting free flowing articles that discuss subjects in a conversational manner. Many such blogs are popular, but if you look at the really successful bloggers, they all use a distinct writing style.

How to Write a Technical Datasheet (with sample template)

In this tutorial, we look at how to write, review, design and improve your datasheets. What is a Datasheet? Definition: A data sheet is a summary of technical product. It identifies the core features, specifications, and other criteria that the reader will need to understand. If this is your first time writing a data sheet, […]

How to Write ‘Technical’ White Papers to Grow Your Business

Last month we discussed White Papers and their effectiveness in generating business opportunities. You might be interested in the following statistics, as they illustrate the returns you can generate from a well-crafted white paper. While working on a recent consultancy project, we prepared a 3-page White Paper as the sole source of lead generation. We […]

How To Negotiate Daily Rates When Starting as a Freelance Web Writer

If you decide to start contracting, one of the hardest things to work out is what daily rate to charge. Many of the readers on this site are looking at ways to escape the 9-5 and moving into contracting is one way to start this process.

How to Start a Writing Business

How to Start a Writing Business – When starting a writing business, consider joining the local Chamber of Commerce and creating a Web site to begin marketing to potential clients. Make connections and start a business with tips from a credentialed teacher in this free video on writing lessons.