How To Price Your First ebook

Ever wondered what’s the right price for selling an ebook? This is one of the dilemmas when selling your first ebook or an information product. You want to price it so that tempts customers into hitting the Buy button. But if your price it too low, you reduce the profit margin, whereas if it’s too high customers may look elsewhere. The trick is to know what price your target customers are willing to pay and then develop eBooks that fill their immediate needs.

How to Sell Expensive eBooks

One of the perceptions about ebooks is that they’re just PDFs. They can’t compare with the real thing, such as printed books you can hold in your hand. For most customers, this means that ebooks SHOULD cost less than real books as there is no printing, bookstore, and real world interactions.

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Pricing Ebooks

One of the dilemmas you face when selling your first ebook or information product is deciding how to price it. You want to make it affordable it so it tempts customers into hitting Buy Now but you also need to make a profit, right? If you price it too low, you reduce the profit margin. If you price it too high, you lose customers.

How Much Do ‘A List’ Bloggers (Really) Earn Per Hour?

How much do you think A List Bloggers make per hour? Kristi, one of the most successful bloggers, looked at the hidden costs of running a blog, especially for those who want to make the leap into full-time professional blogging. I think what surprised many people if you read the comments was the expenses that […]

The Blackadder Guide to Interfrastically Profitable Ebooks

If only Blackadder had eJunkie to publish his books! It’s my magnum opus, says Blackadder. It took me eight years to write and now Dr Johnson may publish it. If you’ve seen Blackadder, you know what happens next. Publishing eBooks in 1574 Most of us have a good book in us, declared Blackadder. And he’s […]

What’s the right number of pages for an eBook to sell well?

Want to write an ebook (that you can sell) but are not sure how long it should be? 30 pages or 300? There’s different schools of thought on this but here are some tactics you can use. Ebook: length, format, audience & price Start backwards. Don’t worry about the size of the ebook yet. Instead […]