How To Write Blog Posts Faster

What to know how to type faster and get those blog post online quicker? I use the AutoCorrect feature in Word to speed things up. Most writers use it to correct typos and clean up your document AFTER it’s written. That’s fine but it’s more productive it you can correct the document AS YOU WRITE […]

How do you Manage Negative Comments on your Blog?

I need your advice. Someone has left a fairly negative comment on my blog. What should I do? Approve or Delete? The reason I ask is this. I want people to give their opinion and, even if it offends me in some ways—let’s say they made some sarcastic remarks or found a typo—I’d still approve […]

Ten Tips & Tricks to Get the Most Out of HootSuite

If you have multiple Twitter accounts, want to schedule your tweets, want to see stats on your tweets, and want it all in a new user interface, then try Hootsuite. I used to use TweetDeck but have moved to Hootsuite as it offers better stats and integration with Facebook. Here are 10 tips to get the most out of this desktop twitter client.

Do Business Leaders Need to Write Well to Succeed?

Thom Haller asks on TCW if ‘to be an effective leader, you need to learn how to write well’. Do You Need to Write Well to Succeed? Here’s how I see it. If you can communicate clearly, then there is a greater chance that people will understand what you want to them. They ‘may’ trust […]

How to write Link Bait for Digg, Reddit or StumbleUpon

Want to be on the very first page of You’d be famous, right? Here’s how to do it. Link Bait has one specific aim — get me to the top of The idea is that once you get there, others will click through to your site and you can reap the rewards once […]

What Your Website Can Learn From Starbucks

Image via Wikipedia By Gerry McGovern Like all great self-service organizations, Starbucks knows that you should never keep the customer waiting. The July 2006 like-for-like sales for Starbucks were lower than expected. This was rare for such a high performance company and resulted in an 11 percent decline in the share price after the news […]

Make Sure your Blog Posts are Pinged Automatically

One of the hidden features in Windows Live Writer is the ability to automatically ping (send a signal) to popular blog aggregators every time you publish something to your blog.  This feature actively pings the servers of the blog aggregators you specify and to indicate when there is new material. To do this in Writer, […]

Why Arrogance is more Dangerous than Incompetence

What did you learn from the last time you failed?
Ted Dziuba believed that raw engineering prowess could make up his lack of business experience. He discusses how his willingness to believe in his own abilities regardless of his other shortcoming blinded him to seeing the inevitably.

The Pros and Cons of a Documentation Plan

Gordon McLean asks: do you plan to review your plan? This is in relation to the Documentation Plan (aka Information Development Plan) that most technical writers prepare in advance of starting a major project. Granted, on smaller projects you can get away with this if you know the product, have the resources and the deliverables […]

Why Users Want Familiar Web Design and User Interfaces

Jakob Nielsen warns us that users hate change. He recommends that “it’s best to stay with a familiar design and evolve it gradually. In the long run, however, incrementalism eventually destroys cohesiveness, calling for a new UI architecture. ” You often hear design team members (or their management) say, “We need a fresh design.” This […]