5 Steps to Product Launch Readiness

In the Marx Communications presentation “How to Improve the ROI of your New Product Launch,” Wendy outlines the five important product launch steps product teams should execute to ensure that a successful product launch meets its objectives. Instant Download – Only $9.99! Product Launch Readiness She includes the following product launch action plan to increase a successful […]

How To Structure a Blog Post

Developing a professional writing style is critical if you’re serious about making money from blogging. You can get so far by posting free flowing articles that discuss subjects in a conversational manner. Many such blogs are popular, but if you look at the really successful bloggers, they all use a distinct writing style.

Improve Product Feedback with ‘Suggest a Feature’ web-page

What’s the one thing your customers would like to see in your products? Or what’s the one problem they’d like you to fix? One of the problems in developing any product or service is that you can get into a rut and stop seeing where you need to make changes. Maybe you’re looking at your […]

20 Mistakes I made when making it to #2 on Google

Is there anything worse than people telling you how they got to #1 on Google? And, if you pay them $33.99, they’ll send you an eBooks that tells all. Well, our sister site is now at #1 in four different categories on Google. But rather than tell you how great we all are, I’d like to tell you the mistakes we made on the way. Hopefully, you’ll learn something and spare the pain we had to go through.

How PayPal Business Accounts Increase Sales & Reduce Costs

PayPal offers Personal and Business accounts. Both are free but one offers better rates, better tools and lower fees. Want to know more?

Second Life v Facebook: Which Makes More Money?

While most consumers tightened their real-world purse strings in 2009, but that did not seem to hurt sales of virtual goods. Users of virtual world Second Life spent $567 million buying virtual goods in 2009. 65% year-over-year increase in spending on user-generated virtual items for avatars. It’s marketplace saw virtual goods sales of $6.1 million. The economy is based on the Linden™ dollar (L$), Second Life’s virtual currency. You can buy and sell L$ on the LindeX™ the official virtual currency exchange of Second Life. In 2008 more than USD $100 million worth of L$ were bought and sold on the LindeX. While Facebook gets the media hype, Second Life generates real money – even though it starts as virtual money. Let’s look at the figures.

Video Blogging: Mistakes to Avoid & Doing It Right

I’ve started to use video to sell (and upsell!) my digital downloads and information products. Like most beginners, I’m making mistakes at every step. But I’ve learnt a few tricks this week, mostly thanks for Christopher Ming Ryan. Here’s what I learnt.

What Avatar Can Teach You About Project Management 2.0

What’s the one thing you enjoyed the most in Avatar? For my pm friend is was the video logging. Did you notice that the team kept their reports not in Microsoft Word (i.e. on paper) but as video logs. When trying it out, the protagonist in the movie couldn’t get a handle on it. ‘Don’t worry, you’ll soon get used to it’, was the reply. Well, it worked for them, could it work for you?

How to Write Killer Headlines Like Andrew Chen: 21 CopyWriting Do’s and Dont’s

Copyblogger fans, if you want to see great web copy, read Andrew Chen. I’m going to show you his top 15 posts from last year. What do you see? The headlines are very compelling; smart little nuggets that draw you in. The secret is how he combines several copywriting techniques so well. It looks seamless. And that’s what makes it so great.

How To Build (& Destroy) A Brand On The Web

how to build a brandGerry McGovern provides this week’s guest article. “You build a brand on the Web one click at a time. You destroy your brand by wasting your customers’ time. I am a customer of a number of banks. I judge these banks, at least partly, by the experience I have with them online. I used to really like the National Irish Bank experience. Then they ‘improved’ it, making it more secure. And this of course is the problem at the heart of security. You can make a process so secure that even the people for whom it is designed can’t use it without huge effort.”