How can I improve my grammar… without hardly trying?

Like to improve your grammar? Who wouldn’t. We’ve all been caught out by the grammar police. That terrible smile when they remind you of your mixed tenses, clumsy constructions, and split infinitives. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a real understanding of grammar? How to improve your grammar As someone who’s struggled with dyslexia through […]

How do J.P. Morgan spell JP Morgan?

I know it sounds slightly silly but how do you spell J.P. Morgan? Why am I asking this apparently meaningless question? Well, you could be forgiven for thinking there were several firms masquerading as J.P. Morgan if you searched the web recently. There’s: J.P. Morgan JP Morgan and JPMorgan Is any of this important? No, […]

Case Study: How Copyblogger Shifted From Blog Publishing To Product Development

Have you noticed how Copyblogger is moving from a ‘traditional’ blog to a solutions provider offering web marketing tools? Some people feel that Copyblogger should have stuck to its roots and built a better blog, but I’m not so sure. As they say, “To stay in business, you need to be in business.” What Copyblogger’s […]

Aweber v MailChimp – which is best value for money?

Should you pay for aweber or take the free route with MailChimp? I have to admit I’m tempted to drop aweber and go with MailChimp. But I need to be careful. I have don’t this before and got burned. Here are some points to consider when switching email software. It’s not all about price. Aweber […]

12 Ways to Align Your Marketing Plan to Product Roadmaps

Wouldn’t it be nice if your marketing plan aligned with other department’s activities? One of the reasons it’s so hard to implement a marketing plan is that what you’re trying to do may clash with other dept activities, schedules, and deliverables. This often happens when there is a dependency on the software or product development […]

7 Ways to Use Focus Groups for Audience Analysis

One of the simplest ways to improve your marketing plan, is to use Focus Groups to gather data about your target audience. You don’t need a large budget to do this. Indeed, most of the Audience Analysis demographics we capture are performed in small focus groups with 5-10 people. Instant Download – Only $9.99! [Learn […]

8 Ways to Define User Profiles for B2B Content

During the Audience Analysis phase, you need to create User Profiles to help you get better results for the market research. What this means is that before you start in-depth marketing activities, you identify the user groups you plan to target before you start any coding, writing, or promotional work. Instant Download – Only $9.99! […]

The Jeff Bezos Regret Minimization Framework

I preferred to avoid risks, especially big ones, until I saw this short video by Jeff Bezos. In less than four minutes he changed my perspective on how to take risks and have more confidence in your decisions.

Writing Business Documents for Chinese and Japanese Readers

Carsten Mende explains how loan words are used in China and Japan. These are English words that are commonly used in everyday Chinese, (i.e. loaned) but may not translate correctly if taken literally. He looks at how the ‘Chinese and Japanese languages incorporate English terms and how they are used’ and gives suggestions on what […]

VIDEO: How to Sell Information Products on ClickBank

Getting started with Clickbank is easier than you’d think. In this video, we look at how to get started, setup your account and start selling your first information product.