Make Sure your Blog Posts are Pinged Automatically

One of the hidden features in Windows Live Writer is the ability to automatically ping (send a signal) to popular blog aggregators every time you publish something to your blog.  This feature actively pings the servers of the blog aggregators you specify and to indicate when there is new material. To do this in Writer, […]

Colleges and Universities for Tech Writers

University of Alabama in Huntsville: “UAH offers three undergraduate program options for students interested in technical writing and communication. There is also an option for a graduate certificate in technical communication.”

How to Get the Credit You Deserve

Last week we touched on the difference a job title can make career. Many of you wrote in to say that the title Tech Writer was often overlooked or seen in a negative light. Technical Editor was mentioned as an alternative as was Content Developer. Jane Carsons updated her business card to ‘Documentation Consultant’. She […]

How to batch process images and photos

Batch It! is a Windows-based program is ideal for digital photographers who want to resize and rename a large batch of images.

How to write a Request For Proposal

This article will help you write a Request For Proposal (Request For Proposal) in clear English. This will enable your target audience to understand it more clearly, submit more relevant proposals, and improve the procurement process.

Why Start a Home Business?

Look here for interesting information on home business. Working from home is a dream for many – but actually going ahead and starting a home business is very difficult. So what makes so many people want to do it, and why would you ever try such a crazy thing? Here are some common reasons, and […]

When to use Passive Voice on the Web

Passive voice is always bad, right? Well, not always it seems, especially when writing for the web.

What is Lorem Ipsum?

Lorem Ipsum is dummy text also known as Greek or filler text. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text since the 1500s, when a printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book.

What is a procedure?

A procedure is a series of actions, acts or operations which have to be executed in the same manner so that the same results is always obtained in the same circumstances.

Why You Should Avoid Free Content

Your blog and website can benefit by using articles offered by free content directories. In theory, these will drive visitors to your site and, if positioned correctly, increase sales and Google ranking.