The Only Metric That Matters in Corporate Blogging

For corporate blogs, is something important because you measure it or does the act of measuring something make it important? Take email marketing. One of the favorite metrics client want to use is signups. I’m more interested in conversions. Or at least the percentage of new conversions from the baseline. But, the client wants to […]

Lead Generation with Facebook

Can you really use Facebook for marketing? To be honest, I was a bit skeptical about this until I really made an effort to figure out how Facebook works, especially it advertising platform. I was comparing it to Google Adwords and that didn’t work. This course on Shoemoney about Facebook Advertising really helped. It’s not cheap but then the good stuff never is.

How to Break Negative Mental Habits

Patterns: Breaking In To

Plato reminds us that ‘character is habit long continued.’

The Jesuits caution, ‘give me the boy until he’s 7, I’ll give you the man.’

and Dr. Stephen Covey gave us 7 habits of successful people.

What’s going on here?

Habits are held together by patterns.

9 (Unusual) Ways to Make Money on Your Blog

Thanks for all the emails about the making money post last week. You asked for a few more examples. Well, here they are. 9 (More) Ways to Make Money on Your Blog Just one word of warning. Before you choose a product to sell online do as much research as possible. It’s very frustrating when […]

Sir Alex Ferguson’s Unique Interpretation of Success

Most of us congratulate our team when they win, right? What’s interesting is that many successful leaders adopt an an alternative approach. One example of this was Sir Alex Ferguson’s response when his Aberdeen team won the Scottish Cup. Did he congratulate them?

5 Link Building Tactics For Government Agencies

Getting back links to a government blog is more difficult than you’d think. If you run a government blog, Facebook or Social Media account you need to use different tactics to get back links than B2C and non-commercial websites. Link Building Tactics For Government Agencies Here’s a suggested approach to get links to your site without upsetting or alienating […]

E-Junkie Review: Strengths, Weakness and Benefits

E-junkie is a shopping cart and digital products delivery system. In a recent poll on, we found that E-Junkie was one of the few shopping cart solutions that users had consistently high feedback.

How to Create an Editorial Calendar For Corporate Blogs

How do you co-ordinate multiple authors on a corporate blog? One of the dilemmas for Content Managers is to make sure different blog posts are delivered on time but also that the tone, topics, and social media activities are aligned. One way to get this under control is to establish an editorial calendar. Courtesy Andy […]

Over 50 Entrepreneurs: How to Start a Web Business That Matches Your Skills

Why there are no shortcuts to a successful web business? I get emails most weeks asking for advice – or shortcuts – on the best way to start a living working online. To be honest, I’ve found no shortcuts. Maybe there are some but I haven’t seen them recently.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Promoting the SEOmoz Affiliate Program

If you like writing about SEO, are looking for a high-paying affiliate program from a trusted brand, then I’d highly recommend that you signup for the affiliate program.