How to start a career in Technical Writing

Technical writing has proven to be a very lucrative field in the last ten years with many contractors earning well over 100k per year. As discipline continues to gain recognition, there are increasing opportunities for motivated individuals to make the switch to this field and reap the rewards. In the article, I will provide some background on what is technical writing and how you can start a career in this field. Continue reading “How to start a career in Technical Writing”

What skills do Technical Writers need the most?

The UK recruitment site,, adds that for the 6 months to 17 April 2009, IT jobs within the UK that cited Technical Writer in their job title mentioned the following IT skills in order of popularity. A quick glance at this list shows us the popularity of Adobe and Microsoft tools, especially FrameMaker, Visio and RoboHelp. Continue reading “What skills do Technical Writers need the most?”

What are Release Notes?

Release notes are documents which are distributed along with software products, often when the product is still in the development or test state (e.g., a beta release).  For products that have already been in use by clients, the release note is a supplementary document that is delivered to the customer every time a bug is fixed or an enhancement is made on the product. Continue reading “What are Release Notes?”