25 More Free eBooks on Social Media

Last week we shared some free ebooks on Social Media. I’ve found twenty-five more and share them below.Some are by Chris Brogan, SEObook, Skellie (personal favorite) and Stacie Mahoe. Most are PDFs.

8 Ways to Define User Profiles for B2B Content

During the Audience Analysis phase, you need to create User Profiles to help you get better results for the market research. What this means is that before you start in-depth marketing activities, you identify the user groups you plan to target before you start any coding, writing, or promotional work. Instant Download – Only $9.99! […]

How to Send Blogs Posts To Email

Want your Emails to be Blog posts? Want your Blog posts to be Emails? This is why I choose AWeber for my more marketing campaigns as it has more power features than Google Feedburner and also helps me do upselling and split testing. One of the hidden features in AWeber is the ability to send an excerpt of the blog post to an email newsletter or send the entire email to your blog. Here’s how to sync these settings in AWeber.

Alex Baldwin’s 14 Ways To Improve Your Business Writing

‘Always be closing’, Alex Baldwin in GlenGarry Glen Ross. One of the strange things about writing business documents for a living is that the older I get, the less I write. I don’t mean I do less work, rather the word count goes down. I think this is partly due to the education system whereby […]

5 Press Releases Writing Tips

If press releases are good enough for Apple, why aren’t you using them? Product, Promotion, Place and Price. Press releases help with promotion and positioning. 1. Press Releases Give You Back Links Writing a press release can give you back links from a page that is considered important by Google (has a high page rank). […]

Second Life’s Virtual Economy Makes $500m Per Year

Patrick Hoge, writing in the San Francisco Business Times, reports that Second Life “residents” have spent more than $1 billion in transactions to date and spent 1 billion hours logged into this virtual world. Facts 1. In 2008, Second Life users spent $360 million on virtual goods ranging from land (virtual real estate) to designer […]

Fotolog to Sell Virtual Goods to 27 million members

Viximo, a developer of virtual goods solutions for social networking sites, has partnered with Fotolog, the world’s most popular photo-blogging site. Fotolog intends to use Viximo’s technologies to offer virtual goods to its 27 million members. How does it work? Viximo’s software will provide a virtual gifting experience for Fotolog’s users in combination with Viximo’s […]

What’s Realtime Worlds’ alternative "monthly subscription model" for APB?

Realtime Worlds is to adopt an alternative “traditional monthly subscription model” with its upcoming MMO APB. The game’s web site confirms the adoption of a non-traditional revenue model, although it side steps giving details of the terms of payment.

ClickBank Analytics Part 1, Tracking Sales & Performance of Digital Products

This series of articles explains how ClickBank’s new and improved analytics reporting works, how it differs from its original reporting system, and answers questions related to this reporting. Also includes FAQs on analytics, metrics, reporting, trends, digital goods, affiliates, online payments, and credit cards.

5 limitations of Clickbank & where it needs to improve – Part 1 Delivery Problems

I’ve used Clickbank to sell digital products for 10 years. In that time I have seen other competitors, such as eJunkie.com and PayLaodz.com arrive and give Clickbank a run for its (digital) money. What disappoints me about Clickbank is that its failure to address its weakness and improve product designs that would make it a truly remarkable product.
With a little tweaking, Clickbank could be in the industry standard for selling digital products. So, if anyone from Clickbank is listening here are five areas you could improve.