How to price 'special offers' and 2-1 bundles

Next, how to price special offers and bundles? For example, buy two, get one free.
Let’s say you’re selling high-resolution Nature photographs online. One tactics to increase online sales is to offer bundles. You see these in most online retailers, for example, Amazon, where you ‘buy one, get one free’ or similar bundle offerings.
The goal here is to entice the reluctant customer into buying at least one product – going through the sales lifecycle, from getting out the credit card to hitting the Buy Now button – so they understand how the shopping experience works on your sites, download at least one of your products, and hopefully feel comfortable enough to come back again.
Getting your potential customer to ‘cross the rubicon’ and get out their credit card/paypal is one of the major challenges in selling online. Bundled offerings are one way to tempt the customer to try.
When to sell bundled offerings for digital products?

  • If they’re on the front-page of your online shop all the time, customers may take it for granted that they’ll be there next week and not take action.

To avoid this, consider offering special offers, such as bundled products, only at certain times, for example:

  • The last Friday of every month
  • Only to your email readers
  • Black Friday
  • National holidays, such as Christmas or Easter
  • Connected to local events, for example, offer 10% of sales to a specific charity.

This may evoke goodwill on the part of the customer, especially if they know they can get the product elsewhere for the same price.
But if you agree to donate a percentage to a charity or a local cause, then maybe they’ll shop with you. Twitter is a very effective way to get the message out for these special ‘time-sensitive’ offers.