9 (Unusual) Ways to Make Money on Your Blog

Thanks for all the emails about the making money post last week.
You asked for a few more examples. Well, here they are.


9 (More) Ways to Make Money on Your Blog

Just one word of warning. Before you choose a product to sell online do as much research as possible. It’s very frustrating when you find that after setting up a site, selling some units, that your partner doesn’t pay up.
Ask around before you choose to invest you time. It will take a little effort but it’s worth doing. With that said, here are nine more…

  1. Music – When I created my first podcast I needed some background music and a jingle.  Where do you get these? Odesk is one option. Other companies have setup blogs offers royalty free music that you can add to your videos, podcast, and online shows. How hard can it be?
  2. Writing Templates – if you have writing skills, develop products for non-native english speakers or for specific industries. Here are templates for technical writers
  3. Voiceovers – Ever taken voice lessons? If you did, you can make money online doing screencasts, narrations, voiceovers, and tutorials. Want an example, listen to the intro to  Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income podcast.
  4. Membership Sites – This takes hard work but… offers HUGE rewards. Do the math. 100 members paying 49 USD per month. How about 500 paying $79? The question is who’d pay? Again, focus on the business sector, for example, energy, software, finance, research, government. Look at Jay and Sterling at Internet Business Mastery  and the Third Tribe.
  5. Mobile Apps – Again, link up with others on odesk and create an app that you can sell to mobile users. Don’t create another generic me-too product. Look for something magazines will want to review. This gives you the exposure and publicity you need to sell the product. Look at the iTunes store and see what products you could make better.
  6. Buy and Sell Sites – You can use sites like Flippa.com to sell do this. Be careful when you start. Learn the basics. Get as much information about the site’s performance, traffic, memberships and sales. Then place a bid. This process works very well is you understand the fundamentals of web business and are prepared to be patient. Don’t get burnt by paying too much. See what others are bidding and then proceed.
  7. Languages – While this market is saturated, look for ways to offer segmented courses or products. For example, teach American Born Chinese how to speak Shanghai-hua (the dialect spoken in Shanghai). Or teach the Scottish version of Gaelic. Most products are for the Irish version.
  8. Third Parties Software – Maybe the simplest way to make money. If you can get ‘quality’ traffic in sufficient numbers, then you can sell them software on behalf of others. For example, I sell Aweber, Method123, WhiteStorm software on different sites. If you have ANY experience of these areas, then you can use this to create posts, videos, cheat sheets, downloads and other content that drives traffic back to you site.
  9. Royalties – Use sites like Createspace, which is owned by Amazon, to upload music, videos and books you have written. You will be paid royalties on each sale; there are no setup costs.

You’ll notice that many of these involve selling other products. My suggestion is to try to sell products with a medium profit margin rather than real big hitter. Why?
The market is saturated with people trying to shift the very lucrative products. It’s a battlefield. Instead, step sideways and look at areas that are under-served. You’ll get much better returns in the long run.
What else did I miss?

2 thoughts on “9 (Unusual) Ways to Make Money on Your Blog”

  1. I’d look for a product that can scale. Such as: 
    – An eBook. 
    – A membership site. 
    – A 4-module training package.
    The problem with doing things like web design or one-on-one coaching is that that sort of thing doesn’t scale. You’re tied to working with one client at a time and they almost always want to work with you and you alone so it’s tough to hire somebody to do some of the things that you do. (I used to do web design and one-on-one coaching – it doesn’t scale, heh). 

    1. Ricardo, 
      You hit the nail on the head. I heard an interview with Seth Godin and he said it was all about Scale, Scale, Scale 🙂
      I’m moving from blogging (for the sake of blogging) and into product development. 
      Dont want to stay on the hamster wheel of services forever 🙂

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