How to Increase Customer Signup Rates by Email

If you had a choice between email and Facebook for web marketing, which would you choose? I hope you chose email as it’s more effective for long-term customer engagement. Try to segment your customer list on Facebook and see how hard it is. But there is a problem with email.
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Email Marketing – Increase Signups By Checking Confirmations

Even though someone signups to your newsletter, that doesn’t mean they’ve actually signed up.
Sound confusing?
Here’s what’s happening and how to fix it.
When someone signups for your newsletter, the following happens:

  • On your website, they enter their email address and click Submit.
  • This sends a message to your email provider (I use aweber. You can get the $1 trial here).
  • Aweber sends a confirmation email to the person.
  • They have to confirm that they want to receive the newsletter.

This is where the problem occurs.

Email Marketing – Problems with Email Confirmations

The confirmation email will:

  • Go into their inbox. If it does they may click Confirm or ignore it. Maybe they’re too busy. Or…
  • Go into their spam folder. They never see it unless they check this folder. Or…
  • It never got to them as they’ve entered the wrong email address. For example, I see people enter

Hotmal instead of Hotmail
Gmial instead of Gmail
And so on…
How do you fix this?
You have a few options.
One of the things I like about aweber is that it shows me the number of people who have signed up but NOT confirmed yet.
In other words, they went to the site, entered their email, but (for whatever reason) haven’t confirmed.
And until they do, I can’t send them my blog posts, newsletters, special offers and so on…

Email Marketing – How to Rescue Lost Signups

Here’s what I do.

  • I give them four days to confirm. Why? If they signed up on Friday pm, they may not see it until Monday pm. So allow for this.
  • I send them a short email (from my personal business account).
  • I thank them for signing up and highlight that they have not confirmed yet.

Is there a problem we can help with? Did they get the email?
And then I leave it and wait for them to come back. I don’t chase them a second time.


You can use this technique to identify who has signed up but not confirmed.
Contact those who are in ‘limbo’ and use discretion. Many emails go to the spam folder. Remind then to add your email to their address book and your newsletter will get delivered.
What other problems have you had delivering emails? What tactic works best?

2 thoughts on “How to Increase Customer Signup Rates by Email”

  1. Hey Ivan, 
    Good point and good tips. I use both Aweber and Feedburner. Every now and then, I’ll skim through to see who hasn’t confirmed their subscriptions and as you suggested, I send them a quick email to encourage them to check and confirm. 
    In most cases, people just missed it and their happy to confirm their subscription. 
    It only takes a moment to do, and is worth the effort. 

    1. Hi Ricardo, 
      I missed this for a long time and now do it every Friday in one batch.
      Makes a huge difference over the course of the year. 
      It’s all about sticking to the plan, isn’t it? 
      PS – big fan of aweber too 🙂

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