The Blackadder Guide to Interfrastically Profitable Ebooks

If only Blackadder had eJunkie to publish his books!
It’s my magnum opus, says Blackadder. It took me eight years to write and now Dr Johnson may publish it. If you’ve seen Blackadder, you know what happens next.

Publishing eBooks in 1574

Most of us have a good book in us, declared Blackadder. And he’s right. The only problem for Blackadder was getting published. And paying for the distribution. And getting publicity…
In his day – 1800s – getting a book published was a major undertaking.

  • You needed a patron. He wanted the self-important but influential Dr Johnson.
  • Paper cost money. Unlike today, tools of the writer’s trade didn’t come cheap.
  • Distribution was limited. Outside of London, it was difficult to find publishers.
  • Connections mattered. Most publishing houses wouldn’t look at your manuscript unless you had some social status.

The list goes on.

Your Guide to Publishing ebooks

Today, that’s all changed. You now have:

  • Your own printing press. See WordPress, Tumblr,
  • Your own publisher. See eJunkie, Lulu
  • Your own delivery mechanism. See Payloadz
  • Your own way to accept payments over the web. See Clickbank, 1ShoppingCart

You can write, publish, deliver, and get paid while sitting in front of your PC.
Maybe the problem is that it’s too easy.
You can setup an account with EJunkie (for me these guys are the best) and get your own printing press in action in about five, maybe ten minutes…
What’s stopping you?

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