Why Do Bad Things Always Happen To Me?

Why me? One of the kids shouted out while spawning on Minecraft. Why me and not someone else?
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Why Me in Kids

When we hear this in others, it strikes a chord but not the one (I expect) they’d hope in us. When the kids gets slaughtered on Minecraft or the Xbox, it’s not that serious. You’ll know they’ll be ok pretty soon, especially if they find some rare jewels. It’s a hunt, build, and destroy game.

Why Me in Adults

But it’s different when we hear it in adults.
Why me?

  • Why should I have to face this?
  • What did I do to deserve this?
  • Why shouldn’t it be someone else?

Why not you?
One of the harshest lessons I’ve learnt is that there if you’re expecting justice at home, work, or on this planet, you’ll be disappointed.
And become bitter in the process.
Accepting that injustice is part of life changes things.
For example, last night I had to stay at work until 9pm. You could – and I did – rationalize this and look and the pros and cons of having a job and so forth.
But that’s not the point. Sometimes it’s your turn. And that’s it.
Accepting it somehow lessens the blow.
How do you cope when you feel why me?

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