Why the best things in life are not things

Isn’t it nice when you see something that feels just right? I saw this sign outside Gallagher’s pub on D’olier Street last week.
It’s a nice twist on the best things in life are not free.

But there’s something else that works. Most of the time, not always, but mostly, we look for meaning and satisfaction in things.
The latest ipad, new sneakers, better wifi, a stronger blend of coffee. Belgium beer.
The problem though is that once the novelty wears off, or you see someone with a better, faster, or cooler version, you need another fix.
And so off we go to the mall or Amazon. The cycle continues.
But here’s the interesting thing. If you look back on your life, it’s the moments with people that have the deepest resonance. For whatever reason, being around people creates memories.
Deep, permanent memories.
The older I get, the faster the years spin by. Days flow by like water as Goethe used to say.
See: Maxims and Reflections
Something in this sign reminded me of this.
PS – the paradox was/is that my little ipod took the picture. One of the things that also gives me great pleasure. So, it’s not always about people 🙂

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