5 Mistakes to Avoid When Promoting the SEOmoz Affiliate Program

If you like writing about SEO, are looking for a high-paying affiliate program from a trusted brand, then I’d highly recommend that you signup for the SEOMOZ.org affiliate program.

If you like writing about SEO, are looking for a high-paying affiliate program from a trusted brand, then I’d highly recommend that you sign-up for the SEOMOZ.org affiliate program.

What is SEOmoz?

SEOmoz is a collection of software, tools, and resources that make an SEO that little bit easier. Its campaign-based web app helps you resolve complex SEO management tasks.
It also sells pretty amazing SEO tools to help you rank higher, research competitors and efficiently manage your optimization. It also provides guides, webinars and a huge Q&A database on all things SEO.
‘If search-engine rankings are supposed to represent a kind of democracy—a reflection of what Internet users collectively think is most useful—then search-engine optimizers like Fishkin are the Web’s lobbyists.’ Newsweek Magazine


Some of the tools it makes and you can sell include:

  • Open Site Explorer – Research and directly compare your backlinks with competitors” for intelligent and targeted link building. Identify your top pages and analyze anchor text.
  • SEO Toolbar – Instant access to critical metrics. Review and analyze on and off-page factors from Firefox or Chrome browser.
  • Trifecta – Enter your site and the sites of your competitors to get quick access to data from Google, Alexa, Yahoo!, Quantcast and more all in one easy report.
  • Competitive Link Research Tool – Find powerful sites your competitors are getting links from but you’re missing out on.
  • Juicy Link Finder – Enter the keyword you are targeting and we’ll give you up to 200 potential link opportunities. Try the Link Acquisition Assistant for next-gen link building suggestions.
  • Historical Pagerank Checker – The web’s only source of a page’s historical PageRank score. Contains PageRank data from as far back as 2007 on thousands of websites and pages.

How Much Money Can You Make with SEO Tools?

You get paid based on the account type your customers choose.


There are three account types:

  • PRO – Monthly $50 10% recurring and an Annual $200 onetime payout
  • PRO Elite – Monthly $250 10% recurring an Annual $1000 onetime payout
  • PRO Premier – Monthly $1000 10% and Annual recurring $2000

How the Affiliate System works

Once you sign up as an affiliate, you can add the tracking code to your site. Some of the key features are:

  • Cookie Duration: 60 return days
  • Campaign Management: Dedicated affiliate manager assistance
  • Real-time tracking with Has Offers platform
  • Campaign Types: You can use your website, blog, email, coupon.
  • Banners: They supply a great variety of banners and text link.

Note: Paid search campaigns require affiliate manager approval.

How much does it cost to join?

It’s Free!
‘SEOmoz, by far one of the undisputed leaders in the SEO industry.’

Customer List & Endorsements

Another way to reinforce the quality of these SEO tools and software is to use ‘social proof’ and list some of the incredible customers that use their products.
Some of the customers, endorsements and testimonials come from Fortune 500s such as:

  • Facebook
  • Ebay
  • Cars.com
  • Best Buy
  • Disney
  • New York Times

By reminding your customers that these firms use SEOmoz tools, you reduce some of their anxiety. After all, if it’s good enough for Ebay and Disney…
‘If you are intending to build a profile online, a website alone won’t cut it anymore, says Rand Fishkin, CEO of website consulting firm SEOmoz.’ USA Today

How You Can Make Money

The next question is how can I sell these SEO tools? Or to put it another way who’ll buy these SEO tools?
There a few ways to do this:

  1. Define your Target Audience – your target customers are not home-based users. Instead you’re targeting mid-sized companies, government agencies, and other SMEs that have the budget for SEO software. Before you start any Marketing Plan, do some target audience analysis and focus your marketing efforts on this demographic.
  2. Price Structure – when drumming up interest in these tools, see which pricing structure best suits your customers. Instead of going in low and offering the base package, you may have more luck offering high end products.
  3. Generate ROI – One way to show the ROI on these tools is to create case studies (3-5 pages) that show the cost savings and/or revenues generated. Keep these simple and focus on the industries you’re targeting.
  4. Email List Building – once you have defined your target audience, written a few case studies, and prepared a high level marketing plan, you need to build your email list. This is the best long-term strategy for creating a relationship with your customers and ‘drip-feeding’ them great information… which eventually translates into sales. I use Aweber for my email list building.

Those are four things you need to consider before you start with this product.

5 Mistakes to Avoid

While this is a rocking product (or set of products), you need to be do your marketing right.

  1. Be Specific – if you run a technical blog, run a series of article on very specific SEO problems. The more specific the better. Then quote SEOMoz and/or hyperlink to their site showing how they’ve addressed this.
  2. Think Long Term – because if you do this on a frequent basis, you’re readers will come to rely on SEOMoz as a trusted source. You’re also positioning SEOMoz as the best developer of SEO tools on the market.
  3. Use Social Media – use your favorite Social Media channels to share SEOMoz links, connect with them on Twitter and get into their loop.
  4. Contact SEOmoz – don’t be shy about talking to your affiliate manager. They want you to contact them and bounce ideas around. They want you to succeed, so make connections and see what they have to share.
  5. Experiment – SEOmoz give affiliates a terrific range of banners to use on your site. Chop and change these every month and see which perform best. What you think works, and what customers actually click on, may be different. Split test if possible.


This is one of the best set of SEO tools I’ve seen and the affiliate program is very professional.
My suggestion is that if you blog about SEO, Social Media, Ecommerce, or Marketing then there is great potential to introduce this product to your readers and generate real sales.

  • The SEO tools are incredible.
  • The customer list is Fortune 100s.
  • The endorsements are in place (quote these in your marketing/case studies)
  • The affiliate program fees are very generous.

And it’s always easier to sell a great product.
You can signup as an affiliate here and buy the SEOmoz tools here.
Let me know what you think.

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  1. Not a bad affiliate program. I think I might try it myself. I think I can monetize my website with this program, especially now that SEO is all the rave. Thanks for sharing.
    SEOP Inc

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